Ways To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Making money online without paying anything has never been easier, globally available and accessible. You could be anywhere in the world and still use these techniques or work as any of the below (for the most part).

However, with this mind, the very first thing you need to know is that no matter what you decide to do, they all require hard work and consistency.

Anyone who tells otherwise is either BSing or trying to sell you something. It is very much possible and real to make loads of money online, and there are perhaps, thousands, if not more, already doing it.

You can for sure do it too, and I will show some of the legit ways to make money online without paying anything.


A transcriptionist is a professional typist who listens to recorded or live audio files and converts those into a text format. They are mostly required by medical, legal industries, and also the general transcription industry. To start working as one, you need to pass the typing test.

Many websites have written on this subject and shown you transcribing as one of the ways to make money online without paying anything. Yet they will tell you to need a bunch of equipment, certain software to do this job, and probably, give you the links to buy those.

MAKING MONEY ONLINE : Transcriptionist jobs

While I agree that, you need the proper equipment to do the job well, I can’t say it is a “must” in the beginning. You could just get by using your phones’ headsets and cracking up some of the software needed or finding free ones.

For sure, you can find your way through; you might have to cope with whatever you have for at least a month until you really make some buck, then only you can invest. Make sure to practice typing and be at least adequate to actually land the gigs.

The salary of an average transcriptionist varies from $10-$30 while there are some who charge much more. You could realistically make well over 1k per month working just a couple of hours a day, once you get going.

Virtual assistant

Keep in mind that before jumping full into any of the suggestions here, try them out part-time or as a side hustle. I don’t want you to be living in your parents’ basement. Saying; there was this dude from the blog who said I could make a lot of money but I am only making change.

Earn money online as a virtual assistant

So is true for a virtual assistant. This one though has the potential to really change your life and bring in some big money when done right.

What do Virtual Assistants do? They help busy AF Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and all other hustlers alike, managing their social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, or content management. These are just some of the examples that popped in my head, there are a million other things you could be asked to do.

There are many websites where you can find contractors, a few good examples to have a look are:





You can make anywhere between $7.0/hour to $60.00 depending on the difficulty of the task, taking your qualification and skills into consideration.

Affiliate Marketing

This way of making money online without investment is called affiliate marketing. All you have to do here: is to promote various products, which are usually digital for high commissions.

Then again, I am not here to sell you an E-book on how to start your own business or get something from you. This post is purely to help you understand different aspects of making money online and aspects where you need to be careful.

Before we dive in, I want to reiterate that this method is harder than some other ones mentioned in the post. Once you get it going, you could be sipping your Margarita in the Cuban Coast with some hot Latinas, and this business could still be bringing you income.

Earn money with affiliate marketing

The money you can make is heavily dependent on your activity and hard work. You could make anywhere between $0 to $300-400 dollars a day, or in a week for that matter.

If you got too excited and ready to begin, wait! Because it is not quite that simple as you think. It requires a lot of patience and persistence. Knowledge also being a key element to success, keep learning, and watch a few hundred videos on the subject. I cannot explain everything but to give you basic guidelines so that you would not leave the blog empty-handed.

As you now know the basics of what this is, let me tell you how you can do this. First things first.

  • You need to choose a niche and affiliates to refer to. It should be something that you are very good at, and highly interested.
  • Lean thoroughly the terms and types of commissions. For example, the most common one is when you get a commission after the sale is secured from your affiliate link. You can also get a commission when you refer to other affiliates and they make sales.
  • Count the numbers. Thus, you need to learn again and run the numbers: high commission – low conversion, or lower commission – higher conversion. Find what works for you, or more like what you can make work.
  • Set up a blog, YouTube Channel, TikTok, and Instagram whatever means you think, you could convert the leads into sales, you decide. But you need to find a way to bring traffic to the product you market!
  • Learn how the SEO works, finding the keywords, anchors, gathering Facebook polls, tweets and other ways to prove why your affiliate is the best.
  • Above all, learn to be disciplined!

Copywriting/Content writing

Look, copywriting is not academic writing nor is it writing for scientific journals, or magazines, in fact, it is not any type of writing. It simply is writing of how you speak!

There are some differences between copywriting and content writing or creative writing if you want to go into that. Basically, it is writing to promote a certain product that is why you don’t have to sound bombastic, decorative, or extremely descriptive.

Make money as a copywriter

Copywriters are paid handsomely these days due to high demands for them. Anywhere between $40k to $100K per year, but it is only a few good ones that are paid later sum.

 If you are just starting out, want to become one, start writing already! Much like many other vocations in life writing requires practice, practice, practice.

Now that we got the explanation out of the way, I will list here some tips on how to write like a pro.

  • Break sentences into smaller pieces. Everyone has their style, of course, but one thing true for all is that you need to keep them small, clear, and straight to the point. While I might not be best at it yet, you could notice it in some of the writing of well-known bloggers.
  • Focus on your customers/clients/audience! Remember it is not about you, it’s about them listening to you.
  • Research your audience/clients, whom you are writing to, know what moves them, what effects them. Find their deepest pain points. Find the language they use. Surely I do not mean linguistically.
  • Use proven methods or structures. You can learn more about other websites because it takes too much to teach you that here.

A few places you can start:







The best part of these websites is that you don’t need any experience to start. So, go now and register! and begin your first copy.

Online surveys

Sometimes called market research jobs. It means you are paid to survey. Many businesses do online surveys before launching their products. Also, because they are faster, cheaper, and more or less accurate, and very quick to analyze.

It is among the easiest of all the things on this post, but also least probable to make you rich. It is enough to make some extra cash on the side or to cover your road expenses or a morning coffee. It is possible to save income to bring it into something better or invest it to start a small business.

Take part in paid online surveys

Taking surveys online will not make you rich, or give you the possibility to live in a mansion by the sea. But, you could make some extra cash like $1 -$20 per survey sometimes more. The surveys take anywhere between 5-10mins or so.

Let me give you a few places you can survey then you can go ahead and check them out. Start to bring in the big bucks.


Survey Junkie

Inbox dollars


Vindale research

Pinecone research

Global Test Market

Be careful of the scams and sites in general. In fact, I decided that I want to give you a side tip for making money online without paying anything.

You should always stay away from anything that asks you for money first, such as an investment, or a down payment on success, they could call it “fifty shapes of fancy” but regardless of what they name it. Do not fall for them!


Rent out your room, or apartment on Airbnb. Again, you might not make millions off renting your space, but it does have quite the potential to make some good money.

It is easy, it is simple. It is all you need to start the next business of your dreams. One small drawback is you might not have a spare room to play around with. For this post is about making money online without paying anything, I found it hard to include this next advice, but keep reading because there is some good stuff ahead.

Get paid renting your room on AirBnB

Income generated from this type of vocation may be hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. ($400-$1000).

What do you do if you don’t have a spare room? Don’t worry! You can rent an apartment to rent it out. Yes, you heard me right. You don’t have to own the property yourself.

Of course, make sure you have all the paperwork and necessary documentation to host people according to your locale.

However, finding the property could be tricky. I personally was at the cusp of starting out this business and made few calls. Well, I mean quite a few calls. I even went around looking for apartments for rent.

I could only find one or two owners agreeing to what I had in mind out of 20. Because I had intended to be 100% honest with the actual property owners.

That could have been not right or perhaps right. Either way, you decide how you go about this part of being honest (no judgments). I can guarantee you one thing that if you commit and learn more and keep doing it, the next self-made millionaire, you could become.


Not being limited to copywriting on a freelance website. There is a bunch of other stuff you can do, such as offering video editing services, photo editing, or selling your photos, data analysis. If you happen to be good at something, you should be tutoring that.

If you are a native English speaker, know your grammar well, and can teach, there is a ton of websites out there, which need English teachers.

Even if you are not a native English speaker, but you are good at playing Piano or have something else you specialize in, you could teach that.

Complete various projects as a freelancer

Heck, if you have no skills at all, like absolutely zero, you could start off from the customer service field, where they do not usually require the best-qualified personnel.

Of the best things you need to learn to do, is to be an SEO expert, how you say? Just watch a few videos carefully about Search Engine Optimization and take notes, learn.

Offer your services after you learned something for a very cheap price for those new but running businesses who could use an extra hand or two. You can do it on Fiverr, Upwork and multiple other websites, just google it.

Why? Because SEO is one of the things we all must understand and know if you want to be successful in a digital world. And you working on this skill gives you absolutely everything you need.

It gives you the knowledge, experience, best of all some discipline – another important component of success!


Amazon Mechanical Turk is a good platform to give an example of what I meant by micro-tasking. You will need to complete various tasks posted by a contractor, aka your employer.

This is another one of our side hustles, which unfortunately will not turn you into a millionaire. The pay depends on the project but it could be anything between $1- $50 per project.

Microtask on Amazon Mechanical Turk

A micro-task is a short function/task which could be anything that requires little time and skill to do. You have the freedom to choose which task you want to do. You could be doing transcriptions, data entry, describing or identifying online image or photo, writing and editing online content, identifying social media trends, capturing screenshots of online photos and videos.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk: is a crowdsourcing online marketplace with millions of users worldwide, you could be a Requester or a Turker, and you are going to want to a Turker.
  2. Clickworker has also been around for quite a while and active in more than 130 countries.
  3. Crowdsource (OneSpace) is another legit micro jobs website.
  4. Rapidworkers is also a legit website for micro-tasking, but they have a higher minimum withdrawal amount (?)than the rest of the suggested.

The Sun Newspaper and The Sun Magazine

Looking at these, if you are wondering what it all means, these are two more alternate means to make some extra cash on the side.

You won’t have to submit a fascination and original story, nor need jaw-droppingly brilliant, and outside the box type of stories. While it is important to note that the

The marketability of the story shall be considered, it is not for you to worry whether they have a whole team of people working to do just that.

The amount of money you could make by submitting stories depend on the type of story and on how the Sun will offer you, but the amount for writing essays are shown on the website of the sun America.

Look around, and observe! There are hundreds, if not more, stories all around you happening every single day. On your commute to work, or back. When you are out with friends and family, or even just when you are walking out to get some groceries.

You are sure to come across events and happenings; all you need to do is to write about them, in detail explaining every bit of what happened. But be careful to be too bombastic and decorative.

Although, writing style depends entirely on you and how you choose to interpret the happenings.


Are you an aspiring actor, voice-over actor or producer, or just anyone willing to make money online without paying anything? Then rent out your voice and get paid to do so.

ACX, in short, is a website that helps authors turn their books into audiobooks. And you can help them to do so, by reading the book aloud and recording the audio.

You will have to create an account as a narrator and upload a sample or samples of the way sound. And just start applying for gigs.

Get paid for doing voice-overs

There are two types of payments. One is a flat negotiated rate per completion of the book. The other is 50% royalty per book sold. This means if you did a royalty payment project and the book sells well; you get 50% of what the author makes.

Though, there is always a chance of it not selling well. Then you get 50$ of what is not sold. )) that is why it is always better to mix the types of payment. To have something for now and something for the future when the book recorded by you gets sold a lot.

If the idea of using your voice to getting paid appeals to you. Then, there are several platforms to do so, I will leave the links below. A few sites to look out for:





Snap recordings

Voice bunny

They don’t all require you to record audiobooks, the tasks anything between asking to you record audio production to voicing apps or anything related to voice overs.


Are you someone with an eye for detail, particularly details in the written word? Then, proofreading is a way to make money for you.

Some people might sometimes mistake proofreaders to editors but they are different. For example, proofreads mainly focus on grammar and spelling. Yes correcting those irritating typos, formatting, and syntax.

Proofread to make money

Proofreaders make between $25 to $45 in general, but you proofread a niche material you can expect to make more.

In most cases, you do not need to be a native English speaker although excellent knowledge of the language is required.

These freelance gigs are perfect for people looking to make money without paying anything. It is a well-paid category, and you could make a living off proofreading if/when you become more or less of an expert.

Okay, let us get to point and give some of the legitimate websites where you could proofread today:








Scribe writing


I have been giving you the names of the websites and the source to the suggestions I have made, hoping you will not be lazy and actually check them out.
I guess, if you came all the way until this point, it means you really are ready to hustle and do something whatever situation you might be in.

Remember, none of the above is going to be easy. Some are easier than others, but it does not necessarily mean they are going to be easy for you. Because the thing easy for me might not be as easy for others.

Regardless of what you choose to do, keep at it until you produce some results or at least for a few months. Just don’t quit after a few trials!


Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman, wasting his twenties to booze, gambling, and women, went as far as becoming homeless, turned his life around because of an epiphany he had in the bathroom. 😉 (Actually) Because of necessity and desire to live and be better for the few who cared about him, he is back on track with a handful of new make money online techniques.


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