5 Most Unusual Gift Cards Under $100 To Try In 2020

Here are the shockingly simple gift card ideas to make your “Forever Friends” motto shine through all the little dust-ups, and keep the relation up and running. Because the bonds matter, right?

That said, if you feel that it’s high time to gift yourself, the same game rules apply.

The coolest thing, it really does NOT matter where the hell in the world you live. Oh, yes we talk about e-Gift Cards, a truly last-minute gift that requires absolutely no shipping!

From #GoSocial Gift Cards at FeedPixel to the Gift of Time at Molly Maid – the purpose is to share joy, care and dream with your loved ones.

A great deal of gift cards has no expiration date and shows up in the recipient’s inbox within seconds of purchase. The 5 gift certificates here are sure to be unexpected and are just plain awesome. Don’t take our words for it, check out yourself.

5. #GoSocial Gift Cards –  FeedPixel

#GoSocial Gift Cards - FeedPixel

What can possibly be better than the joy of going social?

FeedPixel offers one-of-a-kind gift vouchers for Instagram or TikTok fans (or any of the services across 13 social networking platforms), and those who want to climb the algorithm ranking fast.

The gift cards are easily redeemed online for the desired amount of likes, views, or followers, and have no expiration date. It surely is the most surprising BFF gift, you could’ve ever thought of. Just imagine the videos hitting up in a matter of days. A red-letter day for anyone craving for fame.

Not age-specific, it would make a great present to a picky teen, a canny kid, or a tech-savvy Nana who dream of their posts going viral, taking them onto the first pages of the platform.

When to buy: for pal birthdays, BFF anniversaries, and any occasions you feel it’s time to #GoSocial for your loved ones.

4. Molly Maid Gift certificate – Molly Maid

Molly Maid Gift certificate – Molly Maid

Your giftee is always busy caught up in the housekeeping routine?

The Molly Maid gift certificate is what a tired Mom or Dad needs! Molly Maid is one of the best cleaning services across the United States and Canada.

The gift certificate is emailed in 20 minutes, or less, and entitles for special event cleaning, housekeeping, move out cleaning and more.

Free your folks or a relative from a tiring cleaning chore for once, and see the reward that stays longer than a day cleaning.

To buy: mollymaid.com

When to buy: again for birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s day, grand holidays.

3. Elephant Gift Card – The Nature Conservancy

Elephant Gift Card – The Nature Conservancy

Is the recipient you want to gift a nature enthusiast?

Give your beloved one a truly thoughtful Elephant gift card to let them get a step closer to preserving largest animals on the planet –  African elephants. 

A downloadable holiday note from a wildlife ranger, alongside the information on how the donation in their name will be put to work is available both in the digital and physical formats.

Not your typical birthday present, hah? And, the less expected, the better!

To buy: nature.org

When to buy: no special occasions whatsoever. After all, what day can be best for donation?

2. Babbel Gift Card – Babbel

Babbel Gift Card – Babbel

What do we always want to learn and never find time to? That’s right, languages!

Babbel gift card allows your all-busies tailor the classes the way they want them: during a lunch break, or on the way home. The gift voucher is applied towards a learner’s monthly subscription fee and redeemed without a hitch within minutes.

Recipients can choose the language they are fancy about from the 14 languages offered. Knowing multiple languages today is not just a wish but demands of the age that no one in the right mind turns against. Everyone just needs the right courses in the right time. And Babbel takes care of that.

To buy: babel.com

When to buy: as soon as possible. No need to wait for special occasions, right.

1. TisBest Charity Gift Card – TisBest

TisBest Charity Gift Card – TisBest

Passionate about giving the gifts of good? This is the right address.

Charity gift cards offered by TisBest work in the same way as typical gift cards, just the experience recipients get is a bit different. A bit gratifying. And a bit moving.

Customizable gift cards are aimed to help 300+ featured charities around the world to do good. Its partner charities, from UNICEF to CoachArt and Hunger Project, work tirelessly to make our lives better here on Earth. Buying the gift cards, you support and empower those to-do-good small and big-name projects. 

And there’s hardly anyone critical of meaningful donation in their name.

To buy: tisbest.org

When to buy: “just because” or as a birthday gift, it’s always good when you want to buy something unique that stands out, but don’t know what.

This is it!

In sum, nothing compares to timeless memories of getting unexpected presents. Be it a #GoSocial gift card or a Babbel voucher – the moment recipient gets it is truly remarkable.

Your BONUS Part

 Here’s a simple cheat sheet to make sure your gift sticks in the recipient’s mind for good.

So, on the scale of 1-10, how much

  • Personalized
  • Entertaining
  • Event relevant
  • Comic
  • Unexpected
  • Age specific
  • Pricey
  • Packed
  • Practical
  • Profitable

Your gift is?

1-4 score

Let’s upgrade! The gift is most likely to make slightly less impression on the recipient than you think it should. Try to adjust more the key points: personalization, unexpectedness and age relevance.

5-7 score

Well done! There’s a high possibility that your gift is going to be memorable and strengthen the bonds with the person who receives it.  Still, take the price and its usage into account. No need to fork out quite a bit just to look fancy. Also, the more handy the gift is the longer it stays in mind.

8-10 score

You rock! Surely, there’s a WOW factor in it! You’ve mastered the art of gifting. And, the recipient, hopefully won’t take it for granted.


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