Everything You Need To Know About Twitch Sings To Get Started

Twitch sings, as soon as you read the first two words you probably started to wonder what they meant, what it could mean to you as a Twitch user.

Well if you are an aspiring musician or someone who just likes to sing, then Twitch sings is the type of platform for you.

Twitch Sings

The online live performance platform, Twitch sings feature about 2000 copyright free songs so far. It is going to increase though as the game is picking up on popularity.

Unlike other platforms, Twitch sings is supposed to be an interactive online karaoke bar type of game where you can sing alone or duet with someone. Yet duetting is not live, due to the technical difficulties, it brings with it.

You can choose your avatar from the game or create it with a third-party app, and make it dance like crazy. You can also webcam yourself and do all the crazy things by yourself.

The best part about being a karaoke star is that you don’t really need to be the Lady Gaga of Twitch sings or the next Michael Jackson. All you need is a goofy personality that attracts the audience and sings to them the way they like it.

The platform is not just meant for content creators. It is another one of Twitch projects which is meant to lead the Twitch in making the platform friendly for all kinds of streams besides gaming.

The viewers can chat and request music from the singers, cheer along or even donate to light the virtual stage on fire. This interactive platform is meant to bring music lovers together in live streaming.

The viewers can request the signer to sing like a dog or challenge them to sing without lyrics. Twitch sings brings the fun atmosphere of karaoke on a virtual live streaming platform both for the creators and viewers at the same time.

There were 127,000 affiliates and about 4,000 partners already in 2018 since the launch of beta on the 13th of April the same year, with over 100 million monthly active users.

So, the possibility of making money streaming still exists with Twitch signs too. The requirement to become an affiliate is the same for any streamer on the platform regardless of the streaming they do. You can read more about becoming an affiliate here (https://dontclickon.com/how-to-become-a-twitch-affiliate-not-a-Twitch-partner/)

Twitch sings affiliates can claim their hard-earned money as soon as they hit $100 after only 15 days. To get started with Twitch signs all you need to do is download the app here (https://www.Twitch.tv/sings/en-gb/download/?utm_referrer=https://help.twitch.tv/)

With the introduction of bounty boards making money on Twitch, signs have never been easier.

What is A Bounty Board You Say?

It’s basically lists of contracts, all available on your dashboard. Of course, as a contract, they will require you to stream a certain thing to a certain number of viewers. Thus, it is not simply giving money away.

twitch bounty board on xcs-web.com

However, it handles the relationship between you and the sponsor keeping you away from the hassles and the headaches of looking for one. All you have to do is just click on one of them on your dashboard.

Surely, you do not have to accept all of them, you can just choose the one you deem possible for your current audience and situation. The terms of your bounty will be revealed once you click on them before you accept them.

It is also a great platform to learn to sing because it tells you if you are hitting the notes or not, with beautiful design. If you keep hitting the notes you earn points which you can use to unlock more avatars, features etc.

How To Get Started?

Yet another great thing about Twitch sings is that you do not need to have the latest microphones, or audio record, or anything of that sort. All you need is to just download the app, and set you mic as the default and start singing.

Thus, headphones would be all that is required. However, if you intend to provide the best vocals you can, of course, set up a better mic, or singing equipment. It all is up to you though.

Despite that platform is named after a game, and is more like for people to goof around, there are some serious musicians with hundreds to thousands of subscribers on Twitch sings.

If you happen to be someone looking to increase your audiences, or already has one somewhere else like on SoundCloud, then this is a platform where you would all get together to have fun online.

The platform itself is enough to grow your audience. As there are many active users and viewers already signed up. But it makes connecting and reaching easier for musicians because it lets you directly communicate with your audiences.

twitch dashboard xcs-web.com

Now that you know enough about the platform, its features and possibilities to grow your own community. Let us give you some tips on how you can achieve that.

Anyone streaming out there on Twitch requires two things:

  • Charisma
  • Skills

However, don’t be demotivated if you have neither for there are countless people who started without either of them, yet grew an audience for themselves. There are different people with different tastes so, if you are consistent and serious about making it on Twitch Sings, it is bound to come someday.

Few tips to accelerate the process of becoming a Twitch Sings star

Dress Up

Unlike other streaming atmospheres, this being artsy and all, requires you to dress up well. On the one hand, it attracts viewers, on the other hand, it helps you to be in the mood that is necessary.

For example, dressing up like Presley already makes you feel a lot more confident and ready to groove. Those two moods are exactly what is excepted and required off of an online karaoke singer.

Dance Up

This means a lot of things one of which is to dance or move your body. Since this is a show, be in virtual, you will need to entertain your audience apart from jus singing. Most of the audiences already know your songs too, to impress them, you might have to sing without lyrics.

Although, the best way to entertain them is probably by dancing on the screen. Note that the shows can be recorded offline, then uploaded while you are a live, so there is always an option of recording your dances to Michal Jackson then play it on. You must like to move it, move it.  If you’d like to do it, do it.

Up The Confidence

Now you might be thinking I don’t know how to sing, and I do not have the most charismatic personality. Thus, this Twitch Sings platform is not for me. You would be wrong to think so. Because there are like we mentioned many people who grew audiences without any of those, but with one thing. And that is self-confidence.

Confidence is very important when it comes to this very platform because there are going to be hecklers, trolls, or people who are just trying to have fun at the expense of your failure. And being confident already puts you to top of the performers who sing their hearts out despite what people think.

It works the same way in real life, so it only makes sense it works like that on Twitch sings too.

One-Off Performance

It is also important to not sing the same songs twice. There could be exceptions if you are requested by the chat, or challenged to sing it. However, singing the same songs usually wears your audience’s interests and bores them.

Singing various songs and moving on has more probability that your audience is entertained than singing the song for the second time. Unless you have gathered the hardcore fans of Avril Lavigne who keep requesting her songs or that particular song they are in the mood for.

Interaction is Half Fun

Among all the other streaming jobs, this one requires you to pay extra special attention to the audience interaction. Because it is whom you are performing, and getting the feedback right away is helpful both for you and your audiences.

For you, because you instantly know what you can do better.

For the audience, as they feel heard and accepted, which means they might return to you for your future shows

Half of the fun, in fact, lies in the interactions alone, in spite of the possibilities of having trolls. Usually, if people are watching you show it is for many other reasons than to troll you.

So, entertaining them is the best way you can provide the fun that they pay for. Also, it keeps you a company.

Wrapping Up

Twitch Sings provides the young music enthusiasts with the one in the live-time path to stardom. Whether you want to become a serious musician or simply have fun while earning from home.

Twitch sings is the next streaming that is meant for both of you. Even for someone who enjoys music and wants to be in the live show online.


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