Remember the moment your favorite binge-watch destination were shut down? Yes, we are about Putlocker.

The longtime blues, and some bigger bucks (that certainly not for all) you have to cough up weeks before the next blockbuster premiere comes up.  

And then, on the Day, the hordes right under your nose swiping into the magical twilight of a cinema hall, where for a couple of hours all the goody-goodies and social elite are glued to the screen.

Rings a bell?

No, I’m not telling you off. But that really was the kind of doom-and-gloom reality for millions like you, before they figured out the alternative ways of affording all the latest box office hits from the comfort of their homes. In that sense, Putlocker has bred more than one generation of binge-watchers, being insanely popular for its free access (with no fees whatsoever!) and a spicy content.

Fresh updates and HD quality of movies are the two other big reasons behind the audience drive on Putlocker.

Say, how would you prefer another big title to be served?

In your friends’ company – the same homies you hang out thousand times a day, or among the rich chicks bypassing you without notice?

Yup! Putlocker was your savvier in that way. But, how you think, isn’t it a bit foolish to put all your eggs in one basket? C’mon let’s be honest!

Relying only on one source never brings good. And, here you have it – top 13 legit Putlocker alternatives to watch full HD movies online today. For free.

To get the most Putlocker-like websites we had to sift through a ton of digital info, sip kinda gallon (or nearing it) of espresso, capuccino, long black, and more, and take a few naps before the list you see below was born.

Enough wording, let’s get it now.


If you really want to indulge yourself in all kinds of film genres, or watch the latest film release that the whole squad is talking about, there’s no better place for you than the Imagine untapped media library with nearly a thousand action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, crime and other films.

To make your choice million times more difficult, there are also profound documentaries alongside animation movies. But the thing that deserves big thumbs up is the easy site navigation, allowing visitors to filter movies not only but genre, but also by the release year. Watch a gripping action Zombiland: Double Tap, fantasy Jumanji: The next Level, a trilling sci-fi Bumblebee, or if nostalgia “of the old good days” suddenly hits you around the corner, full spectrum 360 of Terminator is to make your day.  In full HD of course, and with no ads popping up.

The website also takes care of “dunno” guys suggesting popular videos under the Putlocker Recommends section. There’s also a possibility to pick from the Top Movies, Top TV shows and Top IMDb hot Putlocker specials.

How to make it better: It’s more a suggestion for you rather than; limit your watch time and you’ll be fine. Granted it’s super hard!


One of the most trusted free-movie websites despite its relative newness to the “watch online” share, breaks the mold by combining the quality and quantity in one perfect combination of open watch films with no registration or annoying ads.

Yup! There are no ads or human verification popups. Not a single one. Just a ton of sci-fi, mystery, action, thriller, romance, horror, war…. Okay, we are tired to count, watch yourself!

And, hey, there’s an alphabetic menu just below the header. The life of a binge-watcher just got a little easier, right?

Know the name of latest release – go and get it there. On

The little party never killed nobody, as they say.

How to make it better: Perhaps a film’s rating under the “Trending” section need to have a bit more weight when showcasing the IMDb’s hot shoots. In a word, displaying the movies in Trending according to their ratings (left by real movie hunters like you) won’t be a bad idea at all.


Closing up the top three of initial Putlocker alternatives is … hmm…, of course, its successor

Basically, everything we said above applies to this website as well (otherwise why would we place it here to share the winners’ fate?).  Because the criteria for our “Best places to Watch Movies Online for Free” selection were as simple as ABC, 99% based on quality, variety, and easy site navigation.

There are actually more, but! Back to talk. enables viewers to choose between Featured, Random, Top Viewed and Top Rated to let them adjust a vast media library according to their taste (or just mood on a certain day). It is unknown how often they update their movie base but it seems to happen quite often as their Recently Added Movies category shows all the novelties of a worldwide movie factory. TV Series Online are yet another category that has a strong appeal to both younger and older audience with ton of anime and a significant portion of Big Time Rush, Jail: Las Vegas, and others alike.

How to make it better: The Latest News section appears to be a little neglected. Although not that important, the mediateca updates and Hollywood film release guides would’ve made the source much better. How you think?


The best thing about this website is its consistency. The owners (whoever they are) seem to put effort to make updates to the site quite regularly. There’s also Top Searches category where you may pick from the others daily movie menu.

The library actually is an aggregation of similar websites’ content, and that’s the reason it offers hundreds of trailers, full records and a whole spectrum of video quality, from CAM to HD.

The only minus however is required human registration process pushing you to solve couple of CAPTCHAs before you finally get to the cake. The site layout is clean and looks attractive. The number of films of different types, TV shows and cartoons makes it instantly appealing to quite a few people.

How to make it better: It’d have been mucheasier to browse your desired shoot if there were an all-inclusive navigation menu on the header, or at least a bit of explanation on how not to get lost on a website. Clearly structuring the UI of the site, would have made your life much easier without the precious minutes lost while searching your favs.


Getting on the first four sites to watch your cinema specials you’d probably think that there’s no good alternatives to Putlocker other than those.


Here’s another smashing website on this list to lock you in the virtual world forever, or, at least for a significant while. boasts an extensive media library with tens of thousands of shootings. Even though seemingly old-fashioned, the site’s navigation is not difficult at all. There are the film categories right under the header to help visitors get on the track right away.  It is also possible to browse by year, country or language.  

How to make it better: Some of the movies appear to be not existent, luring naive audience to later show up the “Media Downloader added to Chrome is required” screen. Well, that’s not necessarily because of a website itself, and as is stated on the disclaimer box of the home page, is just indexing releases from other websites and can’t really be blamed for others’ fault.


A true wonderland of a movie fan, despite it’s the most irrelevant extension, is one of the best websites to watch movies. It’s large selection of Hollywood big listers, catchy Home page setup, and even Latest Episodes classification welcomes a visitor from the start.

Interestingly, the site’s algorithm jumbles all genres together (unless you set a specific filter for search) creating a fun and vibrant movie collage which pleases the eyes of a person who visits it.

TV series are given in HD format and are plentiful. The movies are categorized into 25 comprehensive groups to ensure the most desired choice appear quickly.

But with almost all the best websites, there’s a flow in it.

How to make it better: Imagine the thrill you have when the magical comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, soap, or romance you wanted weeks is about to load. And, then… Disaster! The little green icon pops to say “Hey, Jack! Sign up for FREE”. What a rage you feel that second. Yup, we are against registration, bro!


When you type in onto the Google search, it immediately shows the almost empty page with just a search bar and a big red button inviting you to “Access All Vumoo Movies And TV Shows. Click Here” by tapping the button.

The first thing that comes to mind certainly is … What a heck! Why not to just drive the user onto the Main or Home page. And, really why not?

But that’s not a big deal, right?!

The site’s movie menu offers million offers to choose from, and to browse endlessly for “The One” kind of film. Tried by some, it proves to be challenging to find a certain movie when the only thing you know is just the first two to three letters. But that won’t stop you either. At least, it shouldn’t.

How to make it better: To make it smooth and visit worthy, the owners can add the release years as a filter. The result is obvious. It also, won’t hurt to remove the “Give-to-Get” hook when you are asked to provide your name, email address, credit card details and the rest of personal stuff you don’t wanna share with strangers.


If you’ve been into free movie game for a while, chances are you know

The hope of watching a big title not from the costly cinema house, but from the almost archaic but dear, couch, gulping soda while giggling with dudes… Isn’t it what you want from movie time?

The site takes credit for blocking all the adds and providing an add-free user experience.

Variety of films bring another bang to the’s bucket. Besides all the basic genres present on such a great number of websites, it drives crazy both you and your granny as you both fight to go online.  

The old stuff and classics of Holliwood’s Golden Age, draws immediate attention of old and young.

How to make it better: Adding the most recent 2019 releases would liven upthe website’s media base slightly bend towards the all-time favorites to maximize your adventure.


You go to and the first thing that catches your eye is not the rows and rows of films, but… Guess what you have there?

The sponsored content full of spicy girls and “not so wicked” adds. Yes, that’s what it is.

The next thing you notice, a kinda double menu: one at a top in the header zone, and one at the button, below the teasing ads. There are nearly forty sorts of videos to get your hands on (or rather your eyes on those). The website specials include musical, Xmas, biography and even Kungfu.

Pressing the certain type, redirects you to the page where you need to restrain your eyes from rolling away. So much choice!

How to make it better: While generally a decent site, runs lots of adds driving viewers up a wall, disrupting the watch season. It also gets another minus for half of their videos being nothing more than just a trick. But the other half is quite legit though.


Top-notch content, wide selection of films and easy navigation are among the cool features of a website and fully contributes its inclusion here to the list of websites for movie buffs squad. It also is one of the best destinations for “nanas and their old captains”, and other folks. Ton of comedies, dramas, sitcoms, romances…

But hey, we are talking about you buddy, right?

Thrillers, comics, action blockbusters, we won’t count them all here – are waiting for you to grab them right off.

How to make it better: The site is easily getting down. The good idea is to fix that up. Really. You are in the very hot of the process and ooops! It happens again and again. How you feel now?


There’s nothing more distressing than getting warned by the Chrome itself, which happens to visitors of for quite some time.Otherwise not a bad place to watch movies online and download them on your PC, iOS, or Android, has been a bit down for a number of months recently.

The motive behind including it on this list though is in his extensive media library, and as for visitors’ reports a world of possibilities when the right video is found. Those videos are said to be of excellent quality and in HD. Not mentioning others of lesser value, to the end user of course.

What also gets a hard kick here is the “no-go” type of content when every time you press the play button, anime girl in underwear hits you straight in the face, teasing and bating you to click and broaden your horizons in certain area.

How to make it better: Remove all the unnecessary and toxic adverts, and of course, improve the security of a site so that Google fishing detector won’t divert visitors from the destination.


Newest addition to this list, takes credit for its direct approach to movie selection stage. The vast array of all possible genres blending into a clean layout establishes just the right tone to get the user ahead into the luring world of western, costume, psychological, etc.

Frankly, the loading speed isn’t that great and sometimes it takes minutes and minutes to load. That said the movies, or a big portion of them are in HD and boasts a pleasing experience once you get there.

The site offers Country, Genre, Movies, TV-series filters for prompt and comfy access to the media library.

How to make it better: the improvement can be made by fixing the loading speed. Fair enough, users value watch time, and that is it!


The last and sweetest on this list, a website nonetheless lacks structure. All the genres seem to blend into each other which truly slows down the very moment of watching a movie.

It has a pretty much simple access and in that way deserves a complement.

Other than this, that’s not a place to bet your soul on.

How to make it better: It still on this record, right? Because of all the hordes of visitors flocking there. You might wonder why? We don’t know either. It actually needs to be set right.

That’s it! The next-next journey is over.

So, what’s the takeaway here?

  • Keep an eye on Putlocker alternatives covered here, because in fact it’s one of the most comprehensive “watch movie for free” rankings we’ve ever piled.
  • Sometimes it’s time to switch your dreamy “movie-land” destination. Take another ticket to a Thriller land with no money to spend on. Sure? Not at all! Possible? Why not?
  • Dare to test to see what works for you best. Experiment not only with various Putlocker alternatives but also Putlocker proxies, different servers and various quality formats.
  • Watching free movies online on the sites like Putlocker is way better, than spending a fortune on costly cinema tickets. Even if you spend hours to get to the most reliable one.
  • But, you actually don’t! You have it all here, right?
  • Enjoy your fun time together with friends and folks grabbing a sweet popcorn from one another!
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Film Freak
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