Shrek 5 Everything We Know That You Should Know So Far

Shrek 5, what do we know so far?

Let us run down some of the things that are factually clear. Plus some words of mouth we keep hearing people in the entertainment industry say. 

Now came the time we put an end to it. Yes to it all. By clearing the clouds and the gossips and tell you exactly what is going on, and if you are likely to get another movie. 

Are you a fan of the franchise? Or someone interested in what is happening. Perhaps someone who watched the Shrek back in your childhood years. 

Regardless of who you are, as long as you are willing to find out about what is happening and will happen with Shrek 5, you are in the right place. 

We are going to cover some of the known facts relating to the movie itself only. For example, many of you already know that the script was ready years ago. 

But are they going to use this script or change it up a bit, or write a new script altogether? 

Let us find out. 

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History of Shrek

History of Shrek movies

The Shrek in fact first came out as a book in the 90s with the German word Schreck. Which means “fear” or “fright”. Just a year later though, Steven Spielberg acquired the rights to make the animated movie. 

It was just around the time when Spielberg founded Dreamworks. So, they set their plans on making these rights acquired into a movie made.  One of the first things in the plans was to make it with the help of Motion Capture. 

However, due to the technology being not quite ripe yet, they settled on CGI. One of the first hires to making the movie was the director, Andrew Adamson. He was working with DreamWorks on other projects as a visual supervisor. 

With the director now ready. They went on to choose the voice actor for the main character. Although Spielberg initially thought it is Bill Murray that should voice the character Shrek and Steve Martin for the Donkey. Yet both choices were changed later.

Nicholas Cage at some point had this role in his radar. But turned it down due to reputation issues he would have. Later Dreamworks drew Chris Farley in who was able to finish 90% of the work before his untimely passing. 

Mike Myers eventually ended voicing the Shrek. He told in one of the interviews that the Scottish accent idea came from the fact that his mother used to tell him stories in a Scottish accent. 

Now, we can all thank his mother not only for bringing such a brilliant talent into this world but also for contributing to this masterpiece with her stories. 

Shrek 5 Was Supposed To Come Out in 2019

2019 shrek poster

Since the first movie dropped back in the 2000s. It was obvious for the studios that this movie was going to become a franchise. 

The success of the first movie solely could fund the movies to come later. Apart from finances and success, it became a cultural phenomenon. With the most notorious sad, yet disarming look of the Puss in Boots to the burps of Princess Fiona. 

The franchise has been a good bit of money and fame for the makers of the movie. I remember the first time I watched Shrek. I felt better about myself. And it was a movie that was made to make the youth feel better and hopeful. 

Sending such positive messages is what makes for a culturally relevant and phenomenal movie. The movies made billions of dollars for the studios with record-setting sales of DVDs and rentals since its launch. 

There are not many franchises that made over billions in existence. The mere fact that Shrek belongs to one is already a reliable indicator of how successful, thus, good it was. 

With the pandemic hitting the world and hesitation about casting and the script. Not much is known since not much is defined yet. The only thing that is already obvious is the fact that Eddie Murphy is to return to his titular role as the donkey. 

What would this Franchise without Donkey called Donkey be? After all, it is such a creative name! 😜

Shrek 5 What Is It Going To Be?

What was Shrek 5 was going to be

This all happened without a proper backstory to the main character Shrek. That brings me to the point I am about to make, which is that: Shrek 5 could be an origin story. So, it would be more of a prequel than a sequel.

We knew from the start that this was going to be 5 movies till it was not, then it was again. So, apart from that, the Fifth installment’s purpose is to reinvigorate the franchise.  

In saying that is meant to revive the franchise. I mean that backstory could give this franchise new ways to continue. Unlike the fourth installment which had deviated from the main story quite far. 

Another thing that worries me a bit, and you too, is the cast. I don’t mean the actors, although they are also important. But I mean if Puss in Boots be back since he had his own spin-off movie. 

And what about the princess Fiona?. Since it could be an origin story? 

How many of the characters are going to be in the story; how many won’t?

This is the part that excites and worries. It excites me because when you add new characters, they can end up being more successful than your mean. Or at least, as successful as to have its own spin-off. You never know how bad it could be as well. 

Shrek 5 Confirmed Release Date 

Shrek 5 is confirmed to come out in 2021

By now we know that script is ready. The actors are halfway through the selection process.  And the production was also about to start before quarantine hits it and puts a delay on its face. 

From the various sources, I have read. Shrek is going to be out in September 2022. 

Apart from what this article shortly was able to compile. There is not much information around on this topic. 

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