PS Plus Free Games October 2020: Still Worth Playing

PS Plus free games come out every month for the members and hardcore gamer society. 

October continues this tradition and presents us with two free games that are hard to call the best.  

Compared to September this might be the disappointment months if not for those two games being free. 

One such game is Need For Speed Payback. The other is Vampyr which is released for the sake of Holloween. 

Both games will be available to download from the 6th of October through November 2nd. 

To find out the PlayStation Plus free games for September check out this post. 

PS Plus October Free Games: Need for Speed Payback

PS plus free games : NFS

The Need for Speed Payback was developed by Ghost Games and came out in 2017.  For the 23rd installment in the serious, this game is straight-up really bad. But for a racer arcade, it still is average. It is playable when it is part of PS Plus free games and part of the subscription just for about a month. 

There have been a lot of people complaining about its mediocrity. For example, its token-based upgrade system is all the more frustrating. Because it is obvious they want to squeeze as much money as possible for a very mediocre game. 

The storyline is also poorly developed if at all. It takes after the fast and the furious movies but fails miserably at that too. There are some wonky action sequences. But for you, as a player, they are nothing more than one more chek point after another. Meaning that you don’t have to do anything but watch the AI take over and play you a scene which makes your game time even more boring. 

I have been writing these posts throughout the year. October is so far the worst month for PS Plus subscribers.  The PS Plus free games used to be way better and worth the subscription fee. However, this game makes you double think your decision to continue your subscription with them. 

Free PSN codes might come in handy if you are also as frustrated as me or someone who actually pays for a subscription. So, crack that article wide open and copy all codes shamelessly.  

Free PS Plus Games October: Vampyr

Ps Plus free games: Vampyr

Vampyr is a role-playing game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive in 2018. It is the second game included in PS Plus free games October list.

Playstation Plus subscribers will at least get this game that won’t be a bore to play for the whole month. It is also perfect before Halloween. 

The best thing about this game is its storyline. You play as a detective in a flu-stricken gloomy London. You need to help citizens yet you find yourself a vampire right from the get-go.  What makes it so special is not that you are a vampire who needs to serve his or her society, but the actions and the decision you make in the game will have an immense effect on how the game is played. 

In this, one of the PS Plus free games, There are a few big districts or regions where there are main characters. Sucking the blood out of them will have negative consequences on the region they reside in. For example, there is a nurse with whom you will come in contact with a lot. She has a free clinic to help the sick.

If you are to kill her in the beginning, then the whole district where she has her free clinic will have more sick people. It will affect the way you play because people in that district will be more aggressive and unhelpful towards you. 

In a narrative-based game like this one, it is important to listen and make decisions that you would not otherwise regret. 

Although you find its action a bit off and laggy compared to its story, the game will make up for it with its witty and interactive dialogue. 


Free PS Plus games October came out to be a bit of a disappointment, except for one good game. We can al least thank them for getting us through the summer with some of the best PS 4 games. 

PS PLus free games September are still up for grabs before the October 6th if you’d like to add them to your library of games.

That is it, for October. Check out the game content on our website where you will find some entertaining and useful stuff to read. 


Gamer turned writer, Mr.Pacman loves playing, still. Also, writing about it to those who are on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo and who need to know more about games, its specifics, and codes and cheats. Well, because he understands how hard and frustrating it can be playing a game for weeks at a time with no progress.


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