Playstation Plus Free Games September 2020 

Winner, winner, chicken dinner might as well be the first title of our Playstation Plus Free Games September 2020. We are sure you have heard this before, however, if you are not sure where, the original PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) will refresh your memory. 

For the second title of the PS Plus September free games. There is an equally entertaining and engaging game on the offer. The Street Fighter 5 tests how well you can challenge the warriors in one on one battle.

Just when you think free PS4 games could not get any better. Especially after the previous month’s COD warzone and Fall guys both of which are still up for grabs till the end of the month.  

The PlayStation blesses its subscribers for the whole duration of another month with two such games that makes subscription all the more worth it. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PUBG free Playstion plus games september

The game that invented and mad-popularized the Battle Royale genre PUBG is one of the Playstation Plus Free Games September 2020. The Hunger Games movie might have had a tiny bit of influence in the creation and early modding of this genre. 

But we all know which game took it to record levels. Well, actually that was Fortnite 😅. But you get the idea that it was not some sort of Hollywood movie but the games. 

Parachuting into the battlefield with nothing but your wits and quick reactions. The excitement ensnares you as soon as you land. Despite its repetitive theme of the drop, fight win or die, each new game feels quite different. 

The problem of hackers coming online and ruining everyone else’s game is still as present as it was in the beginning. Personally, I do not find a big problem since I already suck at the game. However, if you are a hardcore player and try to win every time. You might encounter cheaters every now and then. 

Overall, it is a great month for lovers of the Battle Royale game genre. Especially if you have been sharpening your skills with the previous months’ COD warzone, you should find Playstation Plus Free Games September 2020 pretty entertaining. 

PlayStation Plus Free Games: Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5

Playing against 99 other players might be a bit too difficult or not up to your valley. But street fighter 5 will fill the void as well as any game could. Playstation Plus free games always bring out the value for what you pay. In September, they delivered two of the best games in existence. 

With 16 characters to choose from, 4 of them being new to the series. It is difficult to not want to try them all, especially with its newly introduced V skills that are unique to each character. For example, one of Ryu’s V-skills is that he can parry an attack. 

The version that is coming out as part of PS Plus September free games is the one that includes all the updates of previous street fighters. Street Fighter 5 also includes story modes for each character for you to get to know them better.  It is a cool feature for a 2D fighter game. 

It is in fact a great time for PlayStation to give this game as a free option for Sony. Who is about to start its Street Fighter tournament starting from the 4th of September. You can also participate online to win awards


Playstation Plus Free games got you covered whether you like fighting in a battle royale against other 99 players, or straight-up fighting one on one against one opponent. 

This month free games are not just free games to be played and moved on. They are bringing with themselves an opportunity to redeem yourself.  

Street Fighter is in fact being free just before it is organizing a tournament is an excellent example of how else you can redeem, or put all those hours to use. 

Stay tuned for more cool content on our website and also for the Playstation Plus Free Games of the next month, you can find out about the PS4 free games for August.


Gamer turned writer, Mr.Pacman loves playing, still. Also, writing about it to those who are on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo and who need to know more about games, its specifics, and codes and cheats. Well, because he understands how hard and frustrating it can be playing a game for weeks at a time with no progress.


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