PlayStation Plus Free Games May 2021

Playstation Plus Free Games May has a list of games that will  be just right  for the end of the school year.  

The list includes some of the high adrenaline games with one heck of a boring one. 

Yet,  regardless together they make up for an incredible month for PS plus subscribers. 

If you have been itching for a strategy first person shooter, with battle royale enabled or simply waiting for the Battlefield 5 to drop. Here is your chance this month. 

Also, the 6th update is on its way, you might want to get your hands ready for some action.  Which you can also do with the wreckfest but that is not a first-person shooter.

However, if you are blasé from fast action gameplays like the ones above offer. Get your hands on the Stranded Deep  where you will rest them. 

Below are the placentation’s free games for the month of May.

PlayStation Plus Free Games May: Battlefield V 

playstation plus free games

First on our list of PlayStation plus  free games may be the famously infamous Battlefield 5. This is a first person shooter video game that comes from EA DICE and published by electronic arts. 

It is one of the many releases from this gaming franchise that was out for platforms like Microsoft, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one and more. 

Battlefield games have always been popular for their multiplayer grand battle styles. As soon as you land the chaos ensues and you need to fight to survive. They also have been known for representation of the realistic nature of war times. 

Despite being criticized multiple times for exclusivity and many other issues like the constant bugs. They rolled out patches after patches to satisfy their players. 

Even though its player base fluctuated. The game suffered a bad reputation. It has still got a solid base of players and the 5th one is promising. 

You can explore the character stories, play various campaigns, and experience the horrors of war first hand.  On top of all that, if you are playing with PS5, it has better graphics and better everything.  

This is the best PlayStation plus free game may offer especially just when the 6 is about to drop, get you hand on this freebie and get practicing for the big next drop from the franchise 

Playstation Plus Free Games May: Stranded Deep

stranded deep is part of the PlayStation plus free games

Stranded deep is a survival game developed by Beam Team and published by Beam Team as well. If you have ever watched the movie “Cast Away”. Then underlining the premise of the movie is very easy and simple. You are basically stranded on an island and now have to fight to survive and get off the island. 

The game gives you a good first impression. That also depends on how much you like difficult games. The game is not quite difficult per se. But has tried too hard to make it look like a real life situation. They do succeed in many ways, and some people love them for it. That is one aspect that makes it a good part of the PlayStation plus free games may. 

However, if you are the type of person who understands that this is a game at the end of the day. It did not need to be this complicated, and so fixated on what is true and what’s not. 

It gets boring after the first minute or two. Because all the mechanics that seem real. Make you feel like you are doing a chore rather than playing a game. 

This is the general verdict that no matter what you do. It is not fun it’s more like you have to do it. And if I wanted to do chores,  I wouldn’t probably be playing the game in the first place. 

As part of the PlayStation plus free game May that is good and all. But not something that one can play it for a long time. 

Playstation Plus Subscribers Free Game of the Month May: WreckFest PS5

playstation plus free games

Now for the months’ ps5 game which is Wreckfest developed and published by Bugbear Entertainment. This is the absolute wreckfest of racing games. Although you are getting it as part of the PlayStation plus free games May. It is worth investing and buying to have to for the rest of your life.

Of course the gameplay and the style can be limited and can get boring after hours. But from my point of view this isn’t meant to play 24/7, or is not one of those strategy games that you need to play for hours. 

The entertaining part about this game lies in its frenetic fun you can have racing against bunch of other people online, wrecking each other’s cards. But also against the AI who are  in fact quite the formidable foes. 

The mechanics are complicated enough and one needs to have genuine skills to  control it. Which makes the short while you play quite challenging. Although you can play longer if you want. 

This game fits perfectly for when you are stale of that first-shooter game you keep losing or that game that keeps making you think and hop in a car and mindlessly drive it to crash other cars. 

To wrap up 

PlayStation plus free games May brought us some of the funnest games of the year. While bringing a game that wasn’t even ready for release yet like the Stranded Deep. 

The list of games you get will certainly make your month pass by quicker than  a lap of Wreckfest. 

They are all available from the 4th of May to add it to your  library, and  be until the very end of the month. 

Check out the PlayStation plus free games April and more gaming content from xcs-web to stay up to day with the news of the 


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