Playstation Plus Free Games May 2020

You have been stuck at home and playing the same old games now you can’t wait for the new free games of PlayStation plus membership which were dropped on May 5th.

In this month’s free PlayStation plus games there are two incredible games that are going to consume your time like nothing else.

The famous and amazing City Skylines is the first game whereas another astounding game farming simulator 19  the second.

City Skylines

This city builder is undoubtedly the best there is out there. If you have ever been mad at the things that are happening in or around your time, this is your last to make things better and prove yourself. Although it is virtual the satisfaction you get from making your population happy is something that no other game can provide.

In this game you will be in charge of zoning, allocating budgets for all different aspects of the city, to managing social services. Taking charge of roads and railroads and Bus-Stations might not seem much doing it exactly the way you would imagine a city would is of the challenging part.

The game is so addictive that the more aspects you have control over, the more it makes you want to perfect your city. Not only will you have the roads and way it gets built, but as you progress in improving your city, you will be in charge of shipping and even flights.

If you have never understood how immigration works in real life, this is where you will get to understand it. In fact, you will get to understand how everything related to cities work in beautiful simulator.

The fun part is when you have your citizens complaining about one or the other part of the city through their tweets. It is not surprising they also have twitter too.

By the way, day and night cycle, the lakes and every other small detail pertaining to the graphics of the game are so incredible that you will be looking at the real earth with a disappointment after playing this game for a while.

The detailing is so precise and clear that you can even find out what each one of your pops needs or want, whether they are educated or not and everything that there is to know about them.

Of course, during gameplay, you probably will not focus only to find out what each of the pops need or want. Nevertheless, the fact that you can do that tells us how good quality the game is.

Farming Simulator 19

Another simulator game that is quite tycoonish yet very much realistic is the farming simulator. Again, if you got stuck at home and had not yet the chance to go out or take that picnic with your family or friends, this game is perfect to experience that feeling of being on the farm.

Both games have very high ratings from all over the place for various aspects of the game. And graphics being of the best part is true to both.

With the farming simulator, it is so good that you might start to think if those trucks exist in real life. Fun fact, some of them do exist in real life, and is produced by those companies that have the names of the truck.

Planting seeds, spreading fertilizers, growing crops, and harvesting, and bundling them and finally reaping the fruits of your labour might get boring after a while. Then does playing fetch with your dog should sound fair

How cool is it to not only enjoy the game but also learn about farming at the same time? For example, the different types of vehicles and trucks available.

However, if you think you get bored with so many things to manage and control in this type of game. With the farming simulator, you could just hop in one of your trucks and ride off to a city. The first person view of the driving is so good that you could get blinded by the quality of the trees and grass and drive off the road to farms or fields.

Better yet, since it is multi playable you can call your friends to race on the farm. It might not be the coolest racing, but it is one of the many aspects of the game that creative people came up with when bored.

The game does not get 10, out of 10 only because the functions of the game are would be like, you might even find this game the most frustrating.

However, if you are one who enjoys and wants to experience the farming life-style them it could not get better than this.

In conclusion

Both of the games have been reviewed adequately by the critiques and received a positive response from the gaming community. 

So, go out there, and experience the farming lifestyle and build the city of your dreams, well virtually.

By the way as a PlayStation Plus member did you know that you are eligible for a rewards system by the PlayStation. Keep exploring their digital content, and you might run into something that offers either a big discount or even free goodies from time to time.


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