Playstation Plus Free Games March 2021

Playstation Plus free games March have some of the best games of the previous years. 

A set of games which are going to make the month of March very memorable month with games like Final Fantasy 7 remake, Remnant: From the Ashes, Maquette, plus the last month game which was carried on to this month: Destruction Allstars

Playstation Plus free games march is a month full of shooters abundant with adventure and action that is sure to accelerate how the month passes, to a degree you won’t feel it’s gone. 

So, grab those games already for they are out from the 2nd and be available till the 5th of March. 

For playstation plus members, March must be the best month. I know I said that about last month. But they keep granting such amazing games that I don’t mind saying that about every month. 

Playstation Plus Free games March: Final Fantasy 7 Remake(PS4)

PlayStation plus free games march

Developed and published by Square  Enix, this action role-playing game is the remake of the first Final Fantasy of 1997. 

In this remake, Final Fantasy was able to ring some big changes. One such change is that combat mechanics were turn-based, which now takes place in real-time. 

A huge change that is not usually encountered by a lot of the remakes of popular games. The dystopian cyberpunk world has now a higher clarity and more number of heroes and characters. 

Although sometimes it may seem like a filler. The stories of the people of Midgar are interesting and gives time to breathe when you are not slashing and hacking through the enemies. As one of the  PlayStation Plus, free games March 2021,  this alone could take up your whole month. 

With improved combat and a various number of different enemies. There is still a certain element of tactics and strategy required. 

Once you complete the game which on average takes 33 hours. You can come back to it with all the equipment you have and complete it again. Because it has quite a number of side quests.

Those side quests for some people feel irritating and unnecessary. But if you are a fan of the franchise. You’d definitely want to spend more time with its characters like Jessie and Wedge, and Biggs.

Playstation Plus Free Games March: Remnant: From the Ashes (PS4/PS5)

PlayStation subscribers free games of the month of march

Remnant: From the Ashes is a third-person shooter developed by Gunfire Games and published by Perfect World Entertainment. 

Excellent combat with high stakes which become higher and higher with the randomized map progression system.  The increasing difficulty either excites you or exhausts you to die depending on how you look at it. As such, the game is one of the most difficult games.  

Lack of motivation of the characters and their personality awaken a bit of disinterest and makes the flow of progression feel repetitive even with a randomized world. Because the structure you play the games is similar. 

Co-op is one such aspect of the game that is praiseworthy and appreciated. Because it requires a lot of concentration and focus from all three players you can have in your roster. Also, it is almost impossible to kill some of the bossed alone anyway. 

Remnant, as one of the PlayStation Plus free games march is a good one to play with your friends. But for the solo rides, members get other more entertaining and less hard games.  

Although if you like to challenge yourself and your reaction, Remnant has one of the best combat mechanics. You could be killing unworldly zombies at one moment, and strange creatures at another. 

If only the game has an equal level of weapon upgrade or more of a loot drop. It would make it easier to play solo. But because it’s random, you often find yourself not prepared or ready at all for some of the bosses. 

Playstation Plus Free Games March: Maquette ( PS4/ PS5)


Developed by Graceful Decay, and published by Annapuma Interactive Maquette is a first-person recursive puzzle game.

It follows a person riveting his past relationship, in a mind-bending world filled with entertaining puzzles. 

Undoubtedly Maquette has some of the most stunning graphics and visual ambiance with ornate and warped architecture and joyous colors. 

Its gorgeous environment is jaw-dropping and puts you in a wonderful world that can simply be paralleled to Inception. It’s like different worlds within worlds, building within buildings. 

At times it takes to places with no interactivity which feels counterintuitive for a puzzle game. 

Maquette’s focus on story-driven gameplay is while praiseworthy feels undone.  As a matter of fact, the puzzles themselves are creative and fun. But not quite on the level with some of the other games within the same genre. 

As a free playstation plus game. This fits perfectly for when you want to take some time along for yourself and escape into a world of colorful buildings within buildings.  

If or when you don’t have anyone else to play Remnant with you. Maquette becomes the next big choice for its whole run time takes somewhere from 2-3 hours. 

Destruction AllStars is continued. Oddworld Souldstorm is coming next month

Destruction AllStars

Keep in mind that Destruction all-stars from the previous month has been prolonged into this one. 

The review of the game Destruction Allstars you can find on playstation plus free games April

Also, they have announced one of the free games for the month of April already which was Oddworld Soulstorm.  

All the games were out from the 2nd of march and are available to download till the 6th of April. 

For everything else about gaming and movies. Plus some more, stay on, and don’t forget to check out the gaming category to find out the PlayStation Plus free games of the previous months. 


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