Playstation Plus Free Games March 2020

What? it’s been two days since the free games on PS4 Plus are out and you still have not tried them?

You might want to get some time off work and start experiencing the best month of gaming with the most unique, colorful, entertaining games that PlayStation has blessed us this March. 

The first game is the Shadow of the Colossus if killing 16 colossi to save the woman you love was not romantic enough, it incorporates the most heart-breaking story that eventually makes the game the most romantic games of all times.

The second on the list is Sonic Forces. We are sure you have heard about the game, or at least about the character, for now, there is a movie based on it. Although this game has mixed reviews, and wonky, weird gravity, it is a great game for those looking to have a few chuckles and a great customization mechanics with varying stages of design.

Now let us get a bit deeper into the games and their gameplay.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus

The gameplay and story of the game are as great as any great game with a score of 9.7 could be, remaster enhances all these aspects with simply beautiful graphics and better controls and better performance.  

If we were to give you the best games ever made on PlayStation Shadow of the Colossus would definitely be the one to start.  This beautiful game with its unique story and spectacular graphics lighting, simplistic designs, and lasting legacy is an example of how a great game should be like.

Using your sword as a dowsing rod to find the next adventure, riding on your horse through the most gorgeous of the forests, mountains, huge world of grassland is the most satisfying way to prepare for a hunt.    

Standing on top of colossi, on the swaying hairnets from shakes to bumps, with the stamina mechanics to keep in mind it is the best tension you can get from a videogame.  With every beast coming in different shapes and forms, surveying them makes you feel like the hero of the documentary filmset. 

Watching your hero become less and less human slaying innocent beasts all in the name of love is what brings its emotional climax, and the heartbreak the game is known for.

Sonic Forces

Sonic the Hedgehog

You remember we said colorful and entertaining, we meant this game by that. Having watched the movie, don’t rush into playing the game. Because the game is not as good as the movie turned out to be.

Regardless the game offers the possibility to make a custom hero with whom you get to join the sonic force and fight the egg-man. This could make up for the missing elements of the game that fans wished to have.

As mentioned, the story of the game based on a world where egg-man won and took over the world, and teamed up with a character named Infinite. Your role will be to defeat it by gliding through the colorful tubes and streets filled with the drone-like creatures.

It has a strange flow of design whereby you experience the monotony throughout the game. It also takes longer to get used to it for its controls have had bad reviews. 

They took out the live count, it is not quite as irritating to try again, but because you find it confusingly hard to pass a level, it decreases its replayability.

While it does give a few chuckles away every now and then, the true fanatics of the game, claim it used to be funnier, however for someone new to the franchise, it is still very good.

Even though the creators failed to make the Sonic Force anything close to Sonic Colors or Sonic Mania, the fact that there are no microtransactions makes up for it.  Perhaps they knew the game was not going to do well 😉

Cinematic transition makes you feel more like an observer, not the actor, especially the double boost mechanics that they were so proud of.


Overall, this month has one of the best games ever made, because it may have seemed like too valuable of a prize to give away, PlayStation coupled it with a subjectively meh game to make up for.


Gamer turned writer, Mr.Pacman loves playing, still. Also, writing about it to those who are on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo and who need to know more about games, its specifics, and codes and cheats. Well, because he understands how hard and frustrating it can be playing a game for weeks at a time with no progress.


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