PlayStation Plus Free Games January 2021

PlayStation Plus free games January came out to be the best of the year so far. If, later in the year some other games won’t overtake them. 

Replayability and longevity of the free PlayStation plus games may not be the most crucial of requirements as a PlayStation Plus member. 

But the fun factor and the excitement and the thrills it gives must be the top factor I  would assume. 

This month’s free games were able to achieve just that. All three have their flaws and areas they miss, but the excitement, boy do they give?  

The PlayStation Plus Free games January 2021 are Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, GreedFall.

Get ready to dive in the oceans as a shark and devour humans and animals alike with Maneater. And to have the best gaming experience wrapped in a touching storyline with the most gorgeous of graphics and ambiance in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Also, to make the hardest choices any game can provide in GreedFall.


PlayStation Plus free game Maneater

Maneater was developed and published by Tripwire Interactive. It is a role-playing action game present in almost all gaming platforms except for Nintendo. Maneater is free for PlayStation 5 owners and is backward compatible with PS4. 

This is a game where there is not much thought necessary. That gives it unique gameplay that is both interesting and boring at the same time. 

It is interesting and engaging at first. Or for the first few hours until the lack of variety bored you out. However, as a PlayStation Plus free games January it is still a good one to download. 

The diversity of maps and fast gameplay makes it worth the short period of time you will be playing. Because you probably won’t be playing this game the entire month.  

Its passive world, meaning that it would feel like the only animal alive. There are other preys and AIs roaming around, but they are not threatening or challenging enough once you become stronger. 

Even the combat itself is not that impressive. You only have three categories of upgrades and it is not hard to get the upgrades. Even though the only way to get upgrades is by killing the shark hunters. It is easy to kill them, even when in crowds. 

Overall, the flimsy combat, and the elementary upgrades put the game down. While the gameplay and just the idea that you play as a shark is cool enough to download from the PlayStation Plus free games January list. 

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider PS Plus free game xcs-web

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix.  It is an action-adventure video game that continues the story of previous Tomb Raider installs.

The Tomb Raider series is popular for its high concept and cinematic storyline gameplay. And this one stays true to that nature. Except it one-ups with humanistic character and heartfelt voiceover. 

In this addition, there are considerably fewer fighting sequences and more jumping over rocks and swimming through the caves, and oceans. In short fewer fights, more adventure. 

Its puzzle-based story missions and challenge tombs and the crypts add up to more fresh and intricate gameplay. The wide variety makes it even more pleasant and keeps your focus. 

The world-building is top-notch. You feel like you fell into a fully live town with people living their everyday life. You have the option to listen to their story and talk to them, and even accept some side quests from time to time. 

The atmosphere regardless of the location of the mission and the fitting music score makes for intense gameplay.  In general, it’s an astounding and stunning game. The fact that there is so much detail even in the most concealed of areas speaks of its quality. 

The lack of action and fights and its sneak approach pushed playstyle bores you after the 30th hour or so. But as part of the PlayStation Plus free games of the month, it is worth more than a download. 


PS Plus free games January 2021 GreedFall

GreedFall was developed by spiders, and published by Focus Home Interactive. It is an action role-playing video game that excels at combat that the other games were lacking. So, it is a great addition to the Playstation Plus free games January. 

Exciting and challenging combat is what should start this review. As it makes this game stand out from the rest of the games released in the series. 

The similarities to the Witchers series or the Dragon Age is a common thing that everyone notices. It is not really the similarity but more like it is the combination of those games with some political and story building aspects. 

The worldbuilding is as great as it always is. The 1700s London or Paris-like town is almost surreal. It gets even better with the addition of factions.  What really makes it better is the fact that all the factions have their objectives and personalities leaning to one thing or the other. 

For example, the religious faction doesn’t get along with the scientific factions for no reason, go figure why😉😂😜. 

The choices you make in the game reflect your playstyle. The morally ambiguous quests give you as much freedom to push it one way or the other. While constantly compelling you to make difficult decisions.

This aspect of a complex storyline with an interesting quest-riding that is full of exciting combat. It is what makes it worth the download from the Playstation Plus free games January membership.

The necessity for some technical polish and a few glitches here and there are some of the minor mistakes that won’t affect your 60-hour gameplay. 

In Closing 

If the character of Lara Croft didn’t touch your heart, you could try your hands on the always-afresh puzzles to keep your mind occupied. 

Couldn’t kill enough humans in Maneater, try killing other sharks and whales, well basically anything that comes up on your way whether in the ocean or in the land.

Perhaps, you failed at the politics of the factions in Greedfall, developing your character, skills, and talents to better deal with the rest of the aspects the game has to offer. 

Even though we were not able to publish this piece on time for you to download the previous months’ games, you can check out what they were here. 

Don’t forget to take some break from gaming, by listening to these twitch sings songs list. 


Gamer turned writer, Mr.Pacman loves playing, still. Also, writing about it to those who are on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo and who need to know more about games, its specifics, and codes and cheats. Well, because he understands how hard and frustrating it can be playing a game for weeks at a time with no progress.


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