Playstation Plus Free Games December 2020

Playstation Plus Free Games December 2020 is already out and about for one day. If you haven’t acquired them yet.  I will help you decide whether you should or not. 

This assumes that you are part of the PlayStation Plus subscribers community. If you are not it is high time that you become.

Because Sony’s plan to put the premium content on a premium platform is finally coming to fruition with the development and introduction of PlayStation 5 being available. 

It means Plus subscribers will be getting more and more premium content, or more and more premium content will be available only for the subscribers. 

Either way,  you are to win. Other than Playstation Plus free games for this month which are Worms Rumble, Rocket Arena, Just Cause 4, the Bugsnax from the previous month is still up for grabs and for plays throughout this month as well. But only to the owners of PS5. 

Check out our games category if you are looking to find out about the PlayStations plus free games every month. 

Ps Free Games: Worms Rumble 

Worms rumble playstation plus free games

Worms Rumble is developed and published by the same company “Team17”.  It is a cross-platform shooter game that just came out at the beginning of this month.  

If you are ready to ruuuumble, let us talk about the Playstation Plus free games for a wee bit of review. 

It is an intense and hectic, very fast-pace delight of a Battle Royal or deathmatch game that is going to steal your heart and time away.  It is so addictive, and fun that this will the game you will be thinking about for at least one or two weeks. 

I say, one or two weeks because every time I obsess over something it goes away quickly afterward. It could be because I never become good at what  I obsess over, but that is beside the point here. 

The fast-paced play-style becomes even more obsessive once you start to become a little bit better. It is a little like a curse, the better you become the more you want to play. But you are missing out on your social life, of course, if you actually have it. 

Overall, it is a heck of a good game to receive as part of the PlayStation Plus free games. It has good reviews all around, Worms Rumble is definitely worth rumbling. 

PS4 Free Games: Rocket Arena

ROcket arena

Rocket Arena is developed by final strike games and published by electronic arts. It is a third-person shooter with wonky physics that you will only love. This PlayStation Plus Free game of the month is available on other platforms like Microsoft Windows and Xbox.

Rocket Arena is another fun overwatch type-y game that is fast. It is fast-pacedness though comes from its mobility. A game whose characteristics are in its name. All you do is jump around and shoot rocket launchers. 

This game doesn’t offer quite the variability in terms of gameplay. This is why it can get boring after hours of playing it. But as part of the PlayStation Plus free games you can play it for one month and forget it afterward.  But the first few hours you play are the most enjoyable ones as is with most fun games.

There is certainly a good level of characterization. And the variation in terms of who you can play. But it can feel unbalanced. Because even though there are many characters. There are not many gameplay types. 

Meaning it is a fast-paced game with players jumping around, up and down. But there are some slower heroes that seem useless to me. It could be a matter of taste and perhaps you might like the slower heroes in a fast game.

PS5 Free Games: Just Cause 4 

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 is developed by Avalanche Studio Group, and published by Square Enix. It is the next addition to the Just Cause series. If you have played this game before, then you should be familiar with everything this new installment will bring to the table. 

If you have never played this game before, it is an over the top action-adventure game with even wonkier physic that will defy the existence of physics itself.

One of the best parts of the game is its grappling hook. Unlike other games though, there is this one thing you can do that you cannot do in any other games. And it’s that if you are falling, you should grapple, hook the land, or earth to fall even faster and not lose any XP. 

I know it is an exploit. But one that has never been changed. Perhaps, because it kind of fits the theme of playing a game with stupid physics mechanics. Also, still a good from PlayStation Plus free games. 

The game itself doesn’t seem hard either. Meaning that regardless of how strong the AI gets if you have been playing even for just some time. Then it won’t be a matter of if you can defeat them or not, but in what fashion and how best/fun way to do it with.

In Summary

In the summary of the PlayStation Plus free games  December, I dare say December is a good month for the subscribers. It is even a better month for the owners of PlayStation 5 because they get to keep one more game free of charge.  And having 4 free games for one month should be more than enough. 

If you want to find out about PlayStation plus free games November, head on over here. 

Don’t forget to check out the xcs-web home page to find more entertaining and interesting reads ranging from gaming to movies. 

Other than that, I will see you next time perhaps next year when we write about the PlayStation Plus free games for January. 


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