PlayStation Plus Free Games April 2021

Playstation Plus free games April 2021 have a set of games that are sure to make your PlayStation subscription worth it. 

PS Plus members will not only get two free games but also a new game that is dropping this April. It definitely must be nice to get your hands on an exclusive game firsthand. 

The first two games are Days Gone, and Zombie Army 4: Dead  War, the former of which is an action-adventure game with good-to-great reviews all around. The latter has great-to-excellent reviews. 

The third one Oddworld: SoulStorm on the other hand hasn’t dropped yet, restraining it from players’ eyes and hands for proper examination. However, the fans anticipate it to be good. 

Let us dive in, and review the PlayStation Plus free games April 2021. 

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Playstation Plus Free Games: Days Gone 

playstation plus free games

Days Gone is an action-adventure survival game that comes from Bend Studios and a publication comes from Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

It is an open-world zombie post-apocalyptic game that has you hack and slash through the hordes of zombies and humans. 

As a part of the PlayStation Plus free games April it is a good deal. Yet it harbors a few carnal flaws: Its storylines lack a strong character and plot and the dialogue is way too corky and too on the edge. 

In a 60 hour gameplay, the unsettled storylines come off as boring while the dialogue pushes you on the edge of your seat in disbelief. 

The missions are also so repetitive that after 20 hours or so you will be playing it on autopilot. 

What works for the game is its combat.  It is another one of the thrills of the game apart from the riding the bike aspect. You could kill zombies in multiple ways. The most rewarding of which is actually hitting them with a bat. 

It is not just the mechanics but the feel of how you deal with it too. Combat, I’d argue, is on the same level as some of the other best action games out there. 

Encountering hoards is another thrill that exists only within this game. Riding away from them or at them gives you a different level of thrill and tense moments that make you want to stand up and leave the room for more IRL.

Overall, repetitive missions, and the lack of a strong storyline with added bugs make this game only a one-time play. If you can actually sit through the whole 60-hour gameplay.

Playstation Plus Free Games: Zombie Army 4: Dead War

zombie army is the playstation plus free game of April

Zombie Army 4 is a game developed and published by Rebellion developments. It resembles the older Left 4 Dead game but is different. But it is also a four-player co op game where you fight against zombies. But here your zombies are Nazies. 

With only an 8-hour campaign this game is not boring at all. That should make it an excellent addition to the months’ PlayStation Plus free games. Its gameplay campaigns are delightful yet absurd in that its premise is based on alternate history. History should stay unspoiled. 

Playstation Plus free games of the month lacks blood and gore, and this one is full of grief and galore. Running and gunning zombies is an excellent way to squeeze in between the other two games for it won’t last long, not long enough. 

Killing more zombies unlocks more abilities and possibilities to upgrade your weapons.  And strangely if you kill them in close range you recover health. This is either a bug or something that they intentionally added to bug our minds. 

The missions are not quite complicated for you to mull over yet various enough to not dull over as well. This is a perfect game to play with friends. 

The funniest part is when you die, you turn into a zombie. And play that zombie against the guys with whom you were just playing. However, it is not the main aspect of the game. 

The killing of your zombie friends is fun though, except for when you turn into a zombie yourself and need to be killed off. 

Playstation Plus Free Games: Oddworld Soulstorm

oddworld soulstorm is now coming to playstation plus subscribers

This is actually a new game that is coming to PS4/PS5 and on PC.  So, the reviews or the game itself are not out yet. 

For that reason, this part of the article will not be a review but more like things you need to know before you add to your list of PlayStation Plus free games, or before you purchase. 

It is retelling the story of its original releases. Sets up where the new and tasty left. In this Abe must now fight for societal change involving a dramatic high-stakes story and a bunch of new updates to the gameplay.

However, as the rumors say, this is the kind of story that the original was supposed to tell way back in 1998.  

Although the nature of the game faces a lot of changes the locations and the characters will mainly stay the same with better aesthetics and looks. 

The plot, on the other hand, will be expanded and will be more thrilling and include other plotlines and twists and turns as they promise. 

Character designs are redone and are improved with some new key characters reimagined. 

Abe’s critical ability to control others will be back and play a big role in this game. 

So, will the other newly added mechanics like scavenging and the economy and resources. This definitely is a special PlayStation Plus free games April deal. 

You will be able to craft makeshift weapons and other materials to remedy the Soulstorm virus and other things. 

The Quarma system will be back and play a big role in the format of the gameplay you chose. Depending on whether you kill many enemies or be merciful towards them change the Quarma clock accordingly. 

In Conclusion 

To piece the PlayStation plus free games April together. The list of the games that are given to PS subscribers is a thrilling and interesting bunch. 

If you get tired of repetitive missions of Days Gone or find Zombie Army 4 way too similar to other such games, you can turn to Soulstorm. 

However, if you get mixed up in the story and find it hard to understand because it is the first time you are playing the franchise, then coming back to Days Gone and riding away some time will definitely make any free time you have worthwhile and interesting. 

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