Playstation Plus Free Games April 2020

If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber who is wondering what incredible free games lineup for April, sit back and read on. We’ve got you covered.

It has not been long since PlayStation hooked us on Nathan Drake’s collections. Yet the final episode in the series is coming together with another great game Dirt Rally 2.0.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

uncahrdted 4

Free games of April start with Uncharted 4 where you take the role of a treasure hunter and explorer Nathan Drake who is dragged out of retirement because of his brother Sam. 

The game features that hooked us up such as the mystery and excessive puzzle solving, action, adventure and best of all, the story is all but returned better than ever before. 

The visuals are worth commanding in a separate article all by themselves. The world of Nathan Drake is so surreal and real at the same time when playing the game, you are sure to get lost in it.

If not for the encapsulating story, then for the tension and high-stake moment that games presents, you are sure to have your blood pumping and heart beating at the extreme in the 15-hour gameplay.

In amongst all the blood pumping moments and slick action sequences and fascinating adventure. Uncharted 4: A Thieves’ End has something incredible- a fitting conclusion to the story with maturity being the focal point of the story of this game. It is no longer a tale of young men seeking glory and plunder but when they are all grown and mature.

The gameplay feels as good as ever before with 30 frames per second the graphics do stand up to its counterpart, the controls. The camera angles in Nathan grappling hook, the dual-stick jump to climb the mountains smoothly in rich surroundings give the player the exact type of control one would be thrilled to have in games.

Have you ever played a game with a stealth mode where the AI will not see you even if you are two feet apart? Well, not in this game. You could go stealth with care and attention for the if the character in-game notices anything suspicious you might have to choose another path.

Having the possibility to choose how you go about achieving your mission in and of itself is quite the feature you would not see in most video games which is probably why this game has all-time high scores.

Dirt Rally 2.0

dirt rally 2.

The second game free for PS4 subscribers this April is Dirt Rally 2.0 – another game with incredible reviews and scores of 8.5 or higher.

If the Nathan Drakes summary will not cheer you up during the time of isolation, this game added to the box, surely will.

With 50 cars to choose and race all around the world’s real tracks. Yes, most of the tracks from this game do exist in the real world.  Even when they are engineered, and imagined. The game developers were so serious about making them look real, that they hired real artists. So, you stand no chance of identifying if the track was real or thought of.

This racing simulator released about a year ago, features all the latest technology or coding dare to say, a game should have. As the in-game physics have been the most praised aspect of the game, you can expect a smooth ride or a wonky one during a rainy day. Whichever is the case, your tires do play a big role, which is why it is possible to customize it down to the last detail.

Have you ever played a racing game where if you go off track your car disappears and automatically appears back again? Again, not in this game.

You could go off track or race in track as long as you ride it well.

The best of the game is when you hear the engine groaning, the sounds of the wheels is much like how it would be in real life.

Surely this premiere modern area racing simulator is not for everyone as it had mixed reviews from some people.

If you are feeling like the Hancock from the movie or just plain bored due to self-isolation, this game is perfect to try and play for free with your PS4 subscription, for the game has feature online multiplayer mode, where you could literally race with other people from the other side of the globe. Don’t worry virus does not infect through glasses


Just like PS4 has never let its subscribers down providing the best value and the games, it did not this month as well. Remember all the games you download on PlayStation 4 Plus subscription are yours to keep as long as you stay a member.

Uncharted 4: A Thieves’ End and Dirt Rally 2.0 are to go online Tuesday the 7th of April. Till then, stay at home and game along.


Gamer turned writer, Mr.Pacman loves playing, still. Also, writing about it to those who are on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo and who need to know more about games, its specifics, and codes and cheats. Well, because he understands how hard and frustrating it can be playing a game for weeks at a time with no progress.


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