High Income Skills To Make Money In The Post-Pandemic Economy

High Income Skills, ey, what will they do?

What if you could afford to call the plumber every time you had a problem with your sink? 

What if you could afford to call someone to mow your lawn every week?

Instead of spending your time doing those things yourself.

It would all be possible if you only had one of these high income skills. 

What is a high-income skill? 
A high income skill is any skill that pays you $10,000 or more per month.  

In this article, we will discuss the high income skills that are going to allow you to do just those things. Of course among those there are the ones with high education requirements but also ones that do not require education at all. 

High Income Skills: Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing of high income skills

This is the only field that came out of this century. Does not seem like it is going anywhere any time soon as one of the high income skills.

Cloud computing as a skill is one that is very much multifaceted. To be proficient and earn that high income requires one to know more than one computing language 

It essentially transfers businesses on to cloud space. So to put it in normal human words, have you ever sent a certain 😉 picture to your crush? 

Well, maybe you have or you have not. 

That picture ends up on the cloud in any case. Everything that you send or receive but do not save directly on the device is on the cloud. 

While we all use cloud services with pleasure and without thinking twice about how this could be developed. 

As one of the high income skills, this computing skill has become the highest in demand compared to all other computing skills.  Because more and more businesses and industries are moving to the cloud.

Businesses in many arenas are choosing to move into cloud space. Because it is cheaper as you don’t have to physically store the data because you could rent space from data centers or other bigger businesses like Amazon. 

There are many other reasons for moving to the cloud such as security, and effectiveness, and so on.

Cloud computing is a high income skill that requires the knowledge of these programming languages:

Java, Python, asp.net, PHP, Ruby, and all the new ones that are to come in the future.

Cloud computing specialists could work anything from a range of development systems, support systems, networking, security, designing, and managing databases on the cloud. 

According to Payscale salary for skill: Cloud Computing entry position within the field is the software engineer who gets $99k per year. However, on average this field rewards its associates with $123k per year

Below is the salary range from lowest to highest. 

  • Lowest $87k
  • Median $123k
  • Highest $150k

Educational requirements: You will need a degree to obtain any job in the cloud computing industry.

High Income Skills: Digital Marketing 

digital marketing of high income skills

Digital marketing as a term is not new. Yet the platforms it is used on are renewed every few years. This field includes all other marketing initiatives and occupations. Which then are divided further into various smaller marketing fields when digested. 

The annoying ads you see on your IG feed and the ones that pop up before you open your favorite app have all come from the doings of the digital marketers. 

While being a marketer does not require a traditional education. It still does require one to study and understand the marketing world, as any one of the high income skills would.

A marketer could be working on various categories like SEO management, social media management, email marketing to videos.

Under SEO, they try to attract more visitors to a given project. Assuming that project is a site. They are required to analyze, and research keywords to make them more appealing to Google’s Algorithm but also to the eyes of the reader.

Social media management is what you have already guessed 😜 managing social media content. Plus the ads that are run. They usually also look out for the content posts and the quality of it. Again making sure that it appeals to all the members of the party it is meant to. 

Sometimes writing gets included while some other times it becomes the responsibility of our copywriter. Who we are going to talk about later.  
Whether marketers take charge of writing new content or not depends on the size of the business most of the time. 

Email marketing and videos are both complicatedly parts of different areas of the profession and are both high income skills. But often both can fall under the marketers. For they are supposed to be the specialist in knowing what consumers want. 


While their best friend copywriters or best self for sometimes one person inhibits both of the occupations.

Copywriters are responsible for writing the type of emails that catch your eyes and manipulate your mind and get you hooked for weeks. 
It is the markets that direct them to write it to you, after careful segmentation, and analysis. 

Below is the range of salary for marketers

  • Lowest $49K
  • Median $61k
  • Up to $90k

Educational requirements: There is no educational requirement to choose this career option.

High Income Skills: Big Data Engineering

big data engineering of high income skills

Big Data Engineer and Architect are two terms that often come together. Even though it seems like the same thing to the naked eye. They are not quite the same but are high income skills nonetheless.

A data architect is the more creative one. One that engages himself in visualizing and creating that data framework to analyze and manage it.  Big organizations and corporations need them to build them a certain type of blueprint to use towards a purpose.  The purpose of having it built can be for financial, or innovative for any other goal. 

A data engineer is more pragmatic. One that engages in more practical tasks, thus, following through and making the purpose happen within the built blueprint. Sometimes the two characters can be one person doing both of the works. 

Engineers are usually employed to quickly achieve a set goal. For example, analyze the big data to come up with new patterns in customer behavior or their decision-making process.  

Data scientists

Data scientists, not data engineers that sometimes are called data scientists. But we mean data scientists in general. Anyone who involves himself with data and analysis of data. 

They will have to fully master these programs before they can call themselves data anyone; Python, Perl, C/C++, Java, and so on. 

ETL seems to be a popular method used by data scientists. It means to extract, transform, load. This implies the process of raking the raw data from different sources and storing it into a repository to keep only the quality and trustable data at hand. 

Data scientists are mostly active in pharmaceutical & healthcare, and telecommunications, the internet, the energy sector, and the automotive industry.  There are many other fields. That work closely with one or other form of data science occupations like businesses all of which are high income skills.  

However, saying businessmen use data scientists is like saying humans use money. 😎  Because big corporations are ready to spend millions to billions to get the right data to make even more money on that. 

The salary ranges wider among the data scientist community, according to Northeastern University for example: 

  • Data Architect with an average of $137k
  • Application Architect on average $134k
  • Infrastructure Architect average salary of $126k
  • Enterprise Architect average salary of $161k
  • Data Analyst average salary of $83k
  • Data Engineer Salary $151k
  • Machine learning scientist average salary of $139k

Anyone involved in the data science field will get $110k to $120k lowest. And some with more experience and depth can go up to $200k highest.

Educational requirements: Higher education, or its equivalent.

High Income Skills: High Ticket Closing 

High Ticket Closing is one of the high income skills

Exchanging money for a service or a product is probably the oldest of systems. That we all are well aware of, called “sales”.

HTC, high ticket closing is a term that has become popular because of Dan Loks’ outreach despite the term was in fair use before him. 

This is one of THE  high income skills if mastered well. In fact, the definition of high-income skill comes indeed from selling high tickets. 

So, what this high income skill actually is? you are talking about you might wonder? 

It is simply closing deals, high ticket deals, deals that are worth at least $3thousand to $10,000. 

The other catch is it usually happens on the phone. It does not necessarily have to be over the phone. But it does not necessarily have to be anywhere else too. 

Because the nature of the business is so that High Ticket Salespeople are on the phone a lot. So they probably prefer it to be there than spending time for drives and meet-ups. 

The best thing about this very skill is that everyone can learn to do it. It is a skill that is truly earned and learned. 
Now you might be thinking who needs this super salesman? 

High Ticket Closers

High Ticket Closers are hired usually hired by coaches or businesses that work with customers. But sometimes business to business cases as well. 
The most common case is B2C and social media influencers. 

To discuss the average salary of this professional would be absurd. As the title itself suggests that these are the closer who make more than $10,000 a sale. 

You just have to be a good one!

Salaries on good and bad years will look somewhat like this. But now with this job, nothing is ever certain and there is no credible data that can reveal it. 

  • Lowest $120k 
  • Medium $150k
  • Highest $200k

Educational requirements: No formal education necessary.

High Income Skills: Information Security/Cybersecurity 

information security of the high income skills

Among the many responsibilities, one that is most famous and well-known is you know what. Right!

Protecting information from being compromised against you know who.


The cybersecurity field is big and full of career options these days. It is not long though anyone who is involved with cybersecurity was called hackers.  

The job of a cybersecurity professional is not an easy one. For there are more hackers around the world than there are cybersecurity professionals. 

However, the good news is that most of the time hackers are not really hackers. Of course, there are thousands and thousands of professional top-level hackers. 

But since the evolution of technology. The interest in becoming a hacker has risen dramatically as is the demand for high income skills.

Thus, many people willing to become a hacker start learning online. Or from some other dude who also is an aspiring amateur and start calling themselves hackers. 

Whereas, on the side of cybersecurity professionals. It is not easy to become one as it requires a lot of training and knowledge of multiple programming languages and more. However, cybersecurity does not mean just fighting against hackers. 

Below are some of the relatively popular career paths for information security professionals. 

Cyber security professions among the highest paid


As you can see, the cybersecurity field is as rich as any other traditional sphere.  If you are willing to choose any one of those career paths. Then there are some required programs and languages you will need to learn. 

First, the knowledge of overall system administration and DNS, web-servers, and stuff are like the fundamentals of any security professional. 

Then depending on where you want to go. You will need skills that will assist you in that so learning programming languages like C/C++, Python, Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP will help you a lot.

Know that there are not only fields with technical requirements. But you could also still work as a security consultant or designer of some sort to help with design issues and stuff. What we basically mean is that the security department is not a separate unit or one that is secluded and works independently. 

No matter which exact path you choose to go to in cybersecurity, this path is well compensated and highly in demand and are of high income skills.
These professionals get from $120k per year up to $250k per year depending on their position and type of work they do like engineers or architects. 

Educational requirements: There is no strict educational requirement to enter any of these fields. However, to learn all those you will need to go to college and get a degree in a related IT field. Then study some more and learn a few more programs and languages. So despite the fact that it is not required, it is hard to encounter professionals without a degree.

High Income Skills: Mobile Application Development 

Mobile application developer of high incoem skills

From the title, it must already be clear what these guys do. And why this skill is on the high paying jobs list. As our world is progressing toward digitalization and mobilization at a speed unparalleled to any other technology. 

Take any social media app or interactive apps. Or games whatsoever they exist on your mobile phone. Even those investing apps. These reasons and more are what makes this the person skilled at mobile application development so high in demand and rather well compensated.  

We know the things they have done but what and how they do it one might ask? So, let us answer these two questions.

As a mobile application developer, the professional needs to choose which platform to work with. Then what project to work on, and just carry it out on a designated platform. 

While there are only two dominant mobile systems, there are actually five relatively stable ones which are :

Mobile PlatformAndroidiOS (Apple)RIM (Blackberry)SymbianWindows
Core languages Java & KotlinObjective-C SwiftJavaC++C#
Platform EclipseXcodeEclipseMultiple devicesMultiple vendors
DeviceMultiples vendorsApple devices onlyBlackberry devices onlyMultiple vendorsMultiple Vendors

So, that means a mobile application developer will have to be proficient in at least one of the following programs: Java, Swift, C++, C#.   although learning to code but in all of them should earn you that 6 figures, it does not always guarantee you that.

A fun fact is that mobile application developers have high job satisfaction compared to other developers according to the value college’s conclusion. 

Developers of mobile application earn:

  • Lowest $60k
  • Average $80
  • Highest $112k 

Educational requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is required in this field (with few exceptions).

High Income Skills: Copywriting/Business Writing/Content Writing

copywriting is among the high income skills

Just any type of writing has always been a high income skills, it used to require a lot of talent before. Now it only requires a bit of hard work and understanding of Human Psychology. 

But what is copywriting?

Let us bring clarity on to this high paying skill before we move ahead to anything else. 

Copywriting is any type of writing that is meant for the promotion of a certain product or service. However, sometimes copywriters can write product definitions and social media posts as well. 

Business writing is a type of writing where you strive to provide relevant information to the reader.

Content writing is very easy to understand since the name gives it away. It is a type of writing blogs, articles, etc for the purposes of digital marketing to spread awareness of the product or service. And again all forms of writing are high income skills. 

In fact, the whole idea behind any one of these writing is to push awareness and persuade readers to take a certain action. For example with copywriting your task is to convince people to buy, while in business it could be a number of things, like signing up or registering.

If you are a copywriter, then you are likely able to do business writing or content writing since they all are close in functionality and many other aspects. 

To become a copywriter, or to know more about it, check out this video.

No talent, no superman skills required to become a copywriter, one has to just learn and need some devotion to practice to get good at it.  That means anyone can do it, and considering this skill is high-paying, it is worth all the effort.  

When it comes to finding out about the salary though it is a bit difficult to come up with a number, or data that is realistic.  Because the high-income skill’s compensation depends on the 

Level of their skill and dedication. 

Before we give some estimated numbers let us make sure that those numbers usually belong to only the copywriters that work for a company or organization excluding freelancers and those with their own business.  

Because in all honesty there is the small minority that makes millions per year. 

  • Lowest $40,000
  • Medium $60,000
  • Highest $unlimited 

The third section is unlimited because copywriting is a skill that despite being wildly misunderstood, is always in high demand. Every blog post, advertisement, email you receive has been written by copywriters.  And it always will be thus continuing the high demand for them, also for high income skills.

Educational requirements: No formal degree is necessary.



The most traditional and in fact stable way of making 6 figures or more is by investing yourself. 

Any high income skills require a certain level of financial education or understanding your expenses, income, and stuff. So why not take this knowledge a step further and study it to be able to understand how and where the market is moving? 

Most people think you need money to invest, it is somehow true but not quite as much. We are not living in an information age, meaning you need more knowledge than anything else. 

Although to get to 6 figure making stage it might just take some time, perhaps even years. But a carefully designed battle plan with a sound mind could certainly accomplish it. 

For example, Micheal Sosnoff from Forbes says he could turn $10,000 into $100,000 in a year or two

While you might not be able to turn $10,000 into what that man said, there are many possible and reliable ways to invest and the idea we are trying to push here is to keep investing every now and then. 

Charlie Munger once said “It is not the hyperactivity but the patience that paid me off” or something like that.  

Let us put this into perspective, assuming you have the $10,000 and are ready to invest. 

It is not possible to see which commodity or company will give you the returns you need, but for the sake of assumption let us say whichever you invest first will give a return of 10% which is $1000. Then repeat the investment again till just about the time you have a 10% return.  But this time it will come out at 1100. 

That is basically what they do and how they make banks. However, the true and the real secret lies behind knowing the market and how it will react. It is never possible to know for sure, but an informed investor will be able to make the correct diagnosis and decide based on symptoms. 

The key to making that high income in this is in fact becoming that doctor level investor who can diagnose the market and the business almost to such certainty that his words will be like the prophecy to ears of investors. 

Educational requirements: There is no education required.


“There is no business like show business”

Irvin Berlin


You probably knew that this was coming as the world is becoming more and more media-centric and people wishing more and more for renown.  

While it is hard to estimate how much truth the above statement holds, it is easy to notice the social media trends on YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud. 

It is either more people want to become famous or we are more aware of the ones who do than before. But one thing for sure is that more and more people want to make more money. 

Entertainment had always been the one path that gave people this chance in return for talent and dedication toward your craft. 

Ziprecruiter reports that entertainers on average make $179k per year. But this number must be based solely on contract or sort of working relationship since they in fact make more. But only a smaller percentage. 

Before giving out some random number as an average salary let us first define who that entertainer actually is. Of course in theory we meant all those musicians, actors, comedians. Sometimes those who are behind the screen as well. 

When categorized, we all know that Musicians and Actors could bank some real good money, so can Comedians. But this is one of those fields and high income skills where talent, hard-work coupled with your story matters a lot. 

If you happen to be a creative person who also happens to be persistent then you have a good chance of making it in the entertainment business. However just like investing it could take some. That is why being prepared for the word possible outcome is always a good idea too.

Educational requirements: The education requirement when it comes to this path is very open, yet there are examples of people who came out of the Arts and Design schools. Considering you have the opportunity to go to a professional school it is always a good idea to have the diploma.

Public Speaking 

public speaking

Public speaking is an act of performing a speech openly to a live audience. The purpose of this is sometimes to introduce new products, services while some other times to new concepts, ideas. 

Public speaking has probably existed for as long as the humans lived on earth. However, this old praised skill has evolved just like humans and has become different nowadays.

Although different the core of what it was and is still the same, which is unwavering charisma and the ultimate charm. 

In today’s’ world experience also plays a big role, along with ones’ reputation which is ironically improved with experience. 

If you also intend to make it in the public speaking world.  There are a few things you either need to have or need to develop: confidence to speak in front of large people, humor. 

There are other aspects to public speaking but the basic is this, you can take out the humor part, and still start. Public speaking skill is actually developed during trials and practice, and practice again. 
The industry has never been so full as it is now, however, the demand for public speakers has increased far wider and bigger than the demand for them. 

Below is the salary breakdown by the estimates: 

  • Starting Income:   $10,000 
  • Junior Income:   $25,000 
  • Experienced Income: $60,000 
  • Senior Income:   $170,100
  • Top-End Income:     $315,000

There never has been a wider-ranging salary gap within the same profession before. It is mainly due to the varying quality of professionals. The better and the more you can engage the audience the more expansive you will be, the higher up this will be in high income skills. 

Educational requirements: There is no educational requirement. However, the majority of public speakers have previous education. There are also some with little to none education at all.

In Conclusion 

Developing high income skills could be the right thing to do when you desire to make more, however, it is not an easy task to accomplish unless one embarks on it with passion and determination. 

There have been millions to millions of people with little to no degree who made more than 6-7 figures, and it is possible however if you want a surefire way to get there it is still better to get a degree and follow a career to masterfulness. 

It is okay if you do not want to have a college degree or think it is not necessary, but note that the vast majority of CEOs of big corporations have graduated from college, and about half of those are with MBAs and other related fields. 


Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman, wasting his twenties to booze, gambling, and women, went as far as becoming homeless, turned his life around because of an epiphany he had in the bathroom. 😉 (Actually) Because of necessity and desire to live and be better for the few who cared about him, he is back on track with a handful of new make money online techniques.


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