Get TikTok Famous In Three Weeks [Viral TikTok Ideas]

If you ever wondered how to get TikTok famous for free, this post is for you. Despite what others say, getting noticed on Tiktok, not necessarily require you to fork out. There are plenty of free TikTok services, and people who readily share their TikTok journeys with you.

Here we’ll be looking at some possibilities which do not involve buying anything (but getting free TikTok followers, likes, and views), except for claiming some time and a bit of creative effort from you.

But time and creativity is not a problem, right? After all, who is more serious about going viral on TikTok than you?

Fear no, that will take a mere three weeks. We know some of you are rising eyebrows (“is it?”), and some are laughing hysterically – “that’s a way longer I wish to commit”!

We can be less realistic and state that it is possible to get TikTok famous overnight or say, in a matter of days, as some have gone famous freaking fast – in just 24 hours.

We’ll dive a little deeper and examine 7 TikTokers who claim they became popular in 24 hours, in 48 hours or a week, and that “it’s not hard”, looking into the tips and tricks they’ve used to supercharge account engagement and skyrocket following. For those new to the platform, a personal TikTok 3-week “get TikTok famous” plan will be developed to get you started.

Everyone is going crazy about TikTok these days. We’ve got Global News featuring a ‘corona challenge‘ on TikTok. The BBC is questioning whether being ‘TikTok famous’ actually makes you money. Independent is not lagging behind, writing about a viral TikTok comparing how baby boomers and Gen Zs leave the restaurant table

A ton of both positive and negative impressions from the best news outlets. But how far are they from reality?  What’s the catch about TikTok and how popular TikTok creators feel about it?

Also, read about the 5 ways to go viral on TikTok here.

Let’s find out!

Some TikTok statistics to keep in mind. And the question that is on everyone’s mind – why TikTok and not Snapchat, another viral app?

TikTok vs. Snapchat statistics

Not interested in personal examples, and just want to know the dos and don’ts of becoming TikTok famous at zero expense? How about where to get free TikTok followers?Or how to get free TikTok likes? No kidding – legit ways to get fans, views, and likes on your TikTok account. 

Jump right to your 3-week action plan to find viral TikTok ideas for your next videos.

Before you jump…

Who are those TikTokers we are going to look at?

  1. Ryan Trahan (@trahan1m 795 followers, 14.4M likes)
  2. Ryan Prunty (@ryanpruntyofficial 475K followers, 4.9M likes)
  3. Mikaela Luv (@mik_loving 395K followers, 12.3M  likes)
  4. Sydney Serena (@sydneyserena 386K followers, 6.5M likes)
  5. Kirsty Bell (@kirsty.belle 342.5K followers 5.9M likes)
  6. Horizons Eclipse (@horisonseclipse 267.5K followers, 4.5M likes)
  7. Nathan Triska (@nathantriska 7.9M followers, 496.8M likes)

We’ll look at their profiles and their incredible journeys to fame. Did they reach their goals of 100, 1000, and eventually, 100 000 followers (some of them are even more ambitious)? 

How long does it take to grow your fan base on TikTok? And what it takes to master the TikTok algorithm?

  1. Ryan Trahan (@trahan1m 795 followers, 14.4M likes)

A Ryan YouTuber is on this list who shares his 24-hour TikTok famous challenge. What’s great about his YouTube video about his journey on TikTok is that he did actually put an effort to provide not only his experience but also the experience of others, by interviewing popular creators on TikTok like Chase Keith, Haley Pham, and Ryan Yerrow. His goal for followers in a day is 100K.WOW, he certainly is a big dreamer! But the most exciting part is “did he actually reach it”?

24-hour challenge

“I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get as far as I wanted to” and his disappointment is so obvious that we are hitting the like button while watching his YouTube video. Well, apparently TikTok is long to be judged:) 

2. Ryan Prunty (@ryanpruntyofficial 475K followers, 4.9M likes)

Another Ryan advises to “upload as much as possible”. All the time he is filming his friends hanging out, shooting hoops, etc. So, advice #1 is to shoot random nothing to get TikTok famous. Putting the right hashtags lets the algorithm place your video in the right category, where people are more likely to watch it. Greenlight to all the trends – shoe trending videos, beatbox, whatever is driving TikTokers nuts. He also lets us know that the running joke on TikTok is @charliedamelio duets: “no matter what you post with her it, you actually get views”. The next pro tip is to recycle the old videos on your phone into TikTok video content.

Another 24-hour challenge

Collabs with friends are yet another tip he speaks about. “You gonna people watch your Tiktoks just to see who are your friends”, he adds.

3. Mikaela Luv (@mik_loving 395K followers, 12.3M  likes)

Sharing her 9 tips to get TikTok famous in her own words, Michaela advises getting your message perfectly clear (she had to take her most viral video down because it wasn’t the message she tried to convey). Hashtags are really important for the TikTok algorithm, as she notices to “attract the right type of audience and increase video traffic”. “TikTok algorithm is pretty much like a focus group” – your videos are first shown to a small group of people, based on their reactions they are then shown to a larger audience, she explains. One last way to get onto more For You pages is “to use sound that is popular”.

How to become TikTok famous?

The top advice to TikTok newbies is not to give up because “TikTok is meant for videos to go viral”

4. Sydney Serena (@sydneyserena 386K followers, 6.5M likes)

Her intro starts with a statement ”TikTok is something to be taken seriously”. Boom! A little unexpected, right? The first challenge to get TikTok famous is to hop on a popular craze: setting a cup in front of a camera, walking away and trying to jump into it -an optic illusion that took her half an hour or so before she finally nails it. The next step was to replicate @charliedamelia and the dance category, resulting in the “solid C for the effort” in her own words.

Trying to get TikTok famous in 24 hours“. Did she or didn’t?

One of her multiple shoots within a 24-hour frame is the spider dance (turned out to be doing best). The hint is to play around with popular trends on TikTok.

5. Kirsty Bell (@kirsty.belle 342.5K followers 5.9M likes)

Trying to become TikTok queenie, Kirsty does explore the app right in front of your eyes – which is pretty awesome(her vicious hurricane-like reaction!). And, one of her very first TikTok videos is a cringe video (!). So fun to see her getting the first three likes on a video. She apparently uses TikTok “heart bubbles” and “split” effects to gain, hold your breath, to get TikTok famous and 525 followers in just a day (she checks those the following morning). With all the cringe, 3X speed, lip-syncing, zoom effects, and so on, her idea of getting TikTok famous in a week seems to escalate pretty quickly, turning into over 8K followers by the end of her first week on TikTok.

TikTok famous in a week

Isn’t TikTok the most beginner-friendly app?

6. Horizons Eclipse (@horisonseclipse 267.5K followers, 4.5M likes)

“I feel like TikTok is an app that’s on everyone’s phone now”, says the creator. He reveals that his first impression of TikTok videos was that they are those dumb videos, he could make a great number of. He really did – 10 videos on his very first day, which drove in 500 followers just overnight. “It blew my mind” he shares. His pro tip is DO it better if you can to get TikTok famous; no giggling and bragging. Just do it. The next thing that hits you straight into your face- don’t overthink what I can post on TikTok. “Get the first thing, and stick with it to see what really clicks with your audience.

Getting TikTok famous is not hard!

A couple of pro tips from @horisonseclipse

  • Do at least 5-6 TikTok videos a day(if you can) just to keep rolling. 
  • Hop on the #comedy trend
  • Getting onto the most for you pages depend on the sound you are choosing, not the hashtag itself
  • You could put anything, and will just blow up(what the heck are you thinking? That’s NOT rocket science!)

7. Nathan Triska (@nathantriska 7.9M followers, 496.8M likes)

We surely couldn’t complete our journey without mentioning Nathan, TikTok’s A-lister and his “How to get TikTok famous in a day tutorial” video. “Watch time and shares are everything”, he literally shouts at us right from the camera. Post a video with a punch line in the end – “that way people are gonna watch the whole video”.The take here is that no matter what you film, try to make fun of it as he does in this very video (clearly not for everyone). “Anyways”, as he says.

Famous in a day, tutorial from Nathan Triska

The beginning might be hard and frustrating when no one likes your videos. Don’t be discouraged – try to get into TikTok’s vibe. Don’t just assume that’s what is likable because you think it is. 

Key Takeaways from Famous TikTokers

  • Know the rules of hashtagging
  • Recycle your old content (if you have one, of course)
  • Play a copycat (you can make viral videos you liked your way)
  • “Exploit” your friends (keep them watching, following, and creating with you)
  • Film as much as you can (especially the first 24-48-96 hours)
  • Watch for TikTok trends, memes, challenges
  • Be thankful (acknowledge your TikTok fans in the comments or video)
  • No need to define your niche in the first place
  • Following others may or may not help 
Moving on from TikTokers’ most personal journeys and taking all the tips into account, let’s craft a three week TikTok game plan for you. Shall we?

Week one: To get TikTok Famous Film Anything and Everything

Time required: 7+ hours
A number of uploads: 4-5 videos/day 
TikTok budget: $0.00 USD
What you will need: a smartphone and TikTok app, and a 35 TikTok video plan (really?) Warning: a good sense of humor and a positive mood is required 😁. Also if you haven’t already gotten the app, you may easily download TikTok.  
Required skills:must know how to create a video on TikTok, use slow-motion effect (or speed up a video), zoom, basic hashtags, apply TikTok filters, and add text and a soundtrack to a video.

Get TikTok famous ideas: Monday

#1 To get TikTok famous is to record each step of your morning routine (washings-coffee- ”into the driver’s seat”, or gym-bath-coffee?)  (2-3 seconds), pausing when needed. Now you have a 15-second long video, set the speed to 2x or 3x. Laughter is guaranteed 🙂

#2 Having NOT your regular breakfast:) No to Eggs, sausages, potatoes, pancakes, etc.  Record your fancy dish: Fat rice, with an egg, peanuts and sambol like Malaysians do, or fried bananas, eggs, home-made bread, and good coffee, like Guatemala residents – you choose.

#3 What’s going next? How well could you express your emotions? Time to show everyone in the world how puzzled you are!

#4 The lunch break fun: Shoot your dinnertime preppings – you won’t believe how fun it may be to see yourself serving the table in 60 seconds (challenge – can you?) 

#5 Your turn! Write up your perfect scenario!

Get TikTok famous ideas: Tuesday

#1 Remembering my yesterday: can you tell me what was the best part of it? What’s the worst? How many people have you seen a day before today?

#2 Oh yea, my fitness routine: a couple of stretches, situps, and pushups (if any) are surely going to draw someone’s attention. 

#3 A game break is a big happening! Cringe as if you lost the gameplay. Now cringe as if you’ve beaten your worst foe ever! Wrap!

#4 Mama Mia! When Mom suddenly comes… What??? Hey, what were you doing, by the way? 

#5 Your turn! Plug in your creativity and unleash it all to get TikTok famous

Get TikTok famous ideas: Wednesday

#1 Which time is it? OMG! Aren’t you getting late to work, study, or…Somewhere? 

#2 Who do you talk to? That does not need to be you alone, right? Remember that creepy fellow living next door? Or a cheery grandma you visit each weekend? Surely, they both deserve 15 seconds, don’t they?

#3 Donkin’Donuts and Starbucks are my favs: Do you have something in mind? Perhaps, that’s time to make a difficult choice? Make a deep-thinking face (you can always add your favorite donuts and ice coffees while editing), and voila, donuts appear…Note: shoot on your iPhone, edit, then, upload to TikTok. 

#4 Primetime challenge. Better known as your TV reaction. Make yourself comfortable (you need more pillows than you have now!), shhh… The zombies are coming.

#5 Your turn! Still your turn.

Get TikTok famous ideas: Thursday

#1 I sleep – You sleep. Pretend you are sleeping, set the timer on your smartphone, shoot once, shoot twice, merge both, add a TikTok filter you like best. 

#2 Hey magic, I know your tricks. Yup, no one denies pulling a rabbit from the hat is cool, but there are other tricks you can try. Three, two, one, go! 

#3 Let’s spy on my …sister(brother, Mom, Dad) You’ve got an idea! Discover the funniest moments (no nude), and turn your camera on.  

#4 How about my neighbors? Let your creativity shine. Note: No home invasion or privacy issues. 

#5 Your turn! No complaints, bud.

Get TikTok Famous ideas: Friday

#1 Just imagine your morning starts in the evening… What would you do?

#2 My beauty obsession… No comments.

#3 Friday shopping routine. What, where and how you shop in 15 seconds. Need more time? No problem. Put the speed at 3x – get everything done 3x faster.   

#4 Are you a good cook? Accept the cooking challenge! Try to make some famously infamous dish with no baking, grilling, roasting, or boiling involved. Just mix-and-match. 

#5 Your turn! Again!?

Get TikTok Famous ideas: Saturday

#1 Just another day in life. Let others see how you spend your weekend. Are you drawing, boxing, or surfing the whole day? Where do you spend it? In or out?

#2 My Saturday playtime. What do you play indoors? Do you need anyone goofing around? Add some text to a video to make it perfectly clear- you are not against a live game tonight.

#3 My fluffy hairs. Strangely enough, your haircut is getting against your hairbrush. The battle of two. Don’t forget to add an effect of some sort. Say, a mythical glow.

#4 Unexpected visitor. You may play a prank on your best bud, or a roommate. Note: make sure they won’t get a heart attack.

#5 Your turn. Period.

Get TikTok Famous ideas: Sunday

#1 Is it any different? Wondered what if filming is done backward? Just shoot anything and then, tap “Time Effects” and “Reverse” on your TikTok video settings. Go give it a try. Tell me later.

#2 Sitting at home these days? Have fun learning to juggle, or pick up a new acting class. Your acting talent surely needs wings to fly. Shoot up your learning journey.   

#3 A Dress-up game. Seriously, if your Mom is a doctor, Dad is in the military, or sister is a chief, it’s time to get into their shoes and walk a little bit. Well, wearing a serious face, of course.

#4 Self-care routine. And, yes, that’s not just about anyone. As a guy, no one is expecting you to put on anti-aging masks unless…you actually do. The shocking reaction is guaranteed.

#5 Your turn. Welcome to Sunday edition!

Week two: Dance Challenge and Duets

Time required: 10+ hours
A number of uploads: 4-5 videos/day
TikTok budget: $10.00 USD
What you will need: same as for week one
Required skills: same as in week one plus knowing how to use a Duet feature, Split, and Vibrato effect.

Viral TikTok ideas: Monday

#1 Re- acting. Make a parody on your own videos to get TikTok famous. Pick the one with the most views and likes on it, and feel free to re-make it from a different standpoint.

#2  I bet my pet… Never expected to duet with a cat or a dog? Neither do your fans. (if done right, and with the right attitude, by now you should have at least around 10 followers on your TikTok profile).

#3 Dress to impress! Yea, pips! We are talking about your most hilarious outfits.

#4 Give me music any day. Ola-la-la, want to come over?. Let’s go lip sync. Note: better as a duet with a pop star you are crazy about.

#5 Oops, it’s yours again!

Viral TikTok ideas: Tuesday

#1 #BeatboxDance Challenge. Yea, that’s it – your fun dance moves. Ready? Music tip: if not yours, any beatbox music is okay. @codfishbeatbox is one of them)

#2 #DiddiDance Challenge. Back to pre-school, guys. No weeping- you promised:)

#3 Another #DiddiDance Show. Consider a change of outfit.

#4 #OOTDChallenge. Hey, heavy dancer, relax, that’s just a #fashionchallenge. Outfit of the day. Show off your combos:)

#5 Time for a switch – three, two, one…and your TikTok idea is born.

Viral TikTok ideas: Wednesday

#1 #AccidentalMusic Challenge Music tip: Definitely check Darude Soapstorm, even if you never heard of it.

#2 Trending Songs Mashup. Yes, sometimes the best combination is the mixed one. Give it a go, you’ll get surprised. Don’t forget to show your dance prows though.

#3 #CoolRanchDance in Wild Wild West. How cool are you? Music Tip: Check Old Town Road by Lil Nas X.

#4 UnoDanceChallenge. Ambjaay deserves to be checked out.

#5 Your turn, old chap.

Viral TikTok ideas: Thursday

#1 #FunnyFail. Number one on Thursday video plan for TikTok! Have any ideas on how to put two and two together to create a #funnyfail effect on your followers?

#2 #Comedy challenge for you. Oh, yes – we are soo fun-focused these days. And, why not if a single video like @spencerx’s “head hitting beatbox prank” generates 9.8M likes?

#3 #Behindthescenes. Not being a supermodel or a Hollywood A-lister is not the reason you can’t have behind the scenes process, right? Let someone lift your puppy up while you film behind the scenes – you’ll both enjoy what the doggy-flight really looks like. 

#4 #TimeLapse. Remember a couple of videos you’ve done before (Couple? Hell lot, we know!). Pick any three of them, merge, and speed up to 3X. Does the time lapse?

#5 Your turn. Already?

Viral TikTok ideas: Friday

#1 Music Star Duet Challenge. Pick one of your favorite music stars. Could you mimic his dance style, gestures and rest for at least 15 seconds?

#2 Pet-and-Me-styled Duet. Watch @normalserdar for inspiration. Pro tip: Use multiple videos, or clone the same video for a bigger impact.

#3 DogvsDog (or CatvsCat, whatever). Just use look alike video subjects.  

#4 Now, #DancewithYourPet.’s “watch him fly at the end” is your inspiration.

#5 One of your choices.

Viral TikTok ideas: Saturday

#1 Duet with a TikTok star. No need to invite anyone to your house. Just use the Duet feature of the TikTok app. @charliedamelio(40.9M), @natantriska(7.9M), @jsmittyy (1.3M), just pick one.

#2 He/She duet. Oh, that one is sure to go viral, even if you are a beginner on TikTok! @jsmittyy’s duet with @charliedamelio “Chubby college guy VS 15-year-old dancer. Who won?” harvested a whopping 30.4 million views! Take in your BFF. 

#3 A #Troll duet. Mythical creatures that drive everyone nuts. “You know you can’t go back on a pinky promise”(2.2M) by @jaidencroes is a fair example.

#4 Funimation Duet. Yes, we mean it! Fun animation and you! Split your screen into two parts using the Duet feature, play an animated character on one side and mimic it yourself on the other. How fun does that sound? @misslorendeane’s duet with @zoifishh in the time of quarantine proves 30K views in just 6 days is possible.


When you’re not a morning person 😑 ##morningroutine | ŸóūTûbė: CloudTalkMusic🌩 ##wii ##mii

♬ The Mii theme but it makes you uncomfortable – peculiarflex

#5 Time to step back – your turn, boy!

  Viral TikTok ideas: Sunday

#1 Same old song and dance. @thexhan and her duet with @misslorendeane with a simple quote “this is cool” grab the attention of 23.2M pairs of eyes. 

#2 Reaction Duet. Nope, that’s not about allergic. But just a type of duets when one chooses to show the tricks and the other is puzzled, shocked, petrified, etc. @thunthunskittles duet with @fafaflore (“This is next-level talent…”) is a perfect example of what we actually mean.

#3 “Please don’t go, I love you so”. That’s another duet that has recently gone viral on TikTok. Picking a Disney character, or a clown, you and your bestie may play a tiny role. Pro tip: zooming in and out multiplies the effect on a viewer. Example: @benjikrol dueting with @jeyjeygradi was liked 2.1M times(!)

#4 It’s Story Time, baby! You didn’t expect anyone telling stories on TikTok, did you? We either! Yet, this one from @mayammoreno deserves a curious look, especially when Mommy and brother are watching on the other side of a screen. 6.2M views prove stories are trending today. Pro tip: the music you choose can make or break.

#5 What’s your duet is about, TikToker? 

Week three: Trends and Friends

Time required: 7+ hours
A number of uploads: 4-6 videos/day
TikTok budget: $10.00 USD (for occasional items for videos)
What you will need: same as for week one
Required skills: all the basic plus advanced features on TikTok like TikTok Face Morph filter, etc.

Viral TikTok ideas: Monday

#1 #BeepChallenge was a trend quite recently. Watch @brysonstubbs for inspiration. His “cat system in the Tahoe” with 9.1M hearts just went viral.

#2 #VSCO girl. That certainly is for girls, or not? Hydro flasks and rest, you know. Here’s one from @katjaglieson.

#3 #beatbox again. TikTok’s megatrend, beatbox challenge is going to amplify your popularity for sure.

#4 StayatHome Challenge. In light of the recent updates on COVID-19, TikTokers worldwide are making their #stayhome challenge fun. Where does yours fit?

#5 Go!

Viral TikTok ideas: Tuesday

#1 Slideshow your friends. Did you know? Hit the “Upload” button, Tap “Photo” to select two or more pictures, tap “Slideshow”. Voila, you did it!

#2 Memes are everywhere! Type in #meme into the TikTok’s search, choose one and recreate it your way. Quite recently, #Dogs of TikTok meme went viral.

#3 Slow-Mo. Set your camera to 15 seconds and pretend you are falling down. Now apply the Slow Motion effect to it.

#4 Anotherlikeme Challenge. Yes, that’s what we are talking about – Taylor Swift’s Another like me. Alone or with a friend, you are free to decide.

#5 Your turn, bestie:)

Viral TikTok ideas: Wednesday

#1 #NotMyGeneration! How do you and your friends go against the rules of the past? Let us and the world know.

#2 Cosplay. From Lare Croft to Spider-Man to Joker, that’s been a trend for years now. Recreate your favorite character -what’s been the biggest fun?

#3 Why not TikTok compilation? It can be yours or it can be other videos. Music tip: music mashup is recommended. 

#4 #Dominos. A viral trend on TikTok today, dominos are so much fun to do. Try it – you’ll certainly have another couple of hundred views on your TikTok account.

#5 Nope, it’s your turn!

Viral TikTok ideas: Thursday

#1 Tween trend. Where else other than TikTok, would a million people watch tween dancers like Ribka (now left the platform)? Don’t have a twin sister or brother? Clon yourself! The simplest way to do that is to pause and switch your position. Repeat several times. Or, if you could spare a few bucks – TikTok Star is a good editing app that eases your cloning effort.

 #2 #Friendship Day Contest. Don’t forget to tag your bff.

#3 Crash/Smash trend. Filming anything but pets, people, cars crashing although is not fun, yet drives pretty much everyone’s attention today. 

#4 I jump – you jump challenge. How fun is that for you? Goofing around with friends? Or staying at home in quarantine – jumping is no brainer.

#5 Pick up another fun activity to film.

Viral TikTok ideas: Friday

#1 Different People. “Sure you are similar, but when you get down to it you’re different people” as they say. @otb’s #differentpeople gained over 250 thousand views in just a matter of a week or so. 

#2 Catch me out from the same creator @otb sparked an even bigger audience of nearly 300 thousand likes. Why don’t you #catchmeout?    

#3 Distorted meme. Spooky and shocking, the trend is created through the use of a ‘distorted’ filter in the TikTok app. Music tip: Wanna be like you Remix -Rain seems to be trending today.

#4 Back to the past or ahead into the future? It’s #TimeTravel, baby! 

#5 What’s your idea of fun?

Viral TikTok ideas: Saturday

#1 Peppa Pig meme. A fun star from a viral kids animation show, Pippa Pig meme has grown bigger than ever. 

#2 “I’m Already Tracer” meme. Better in a series of duets in which you and your squad record videos of themselves lip-synching lyrics from the song “No Mercy” by The Living Tombstone. C’mon, give it a go!

#3 #TheUltimateFriendzone. It is no surprise #theultimatefriendzone keeps its popularity the fifth month in a row, with @dominictoliver claiming the spot in the fame game.

#4 WhoaChallenge. Haven’t heard yet? Watch #jadenthekingsley and how he taught his dog whoa getting 4.8M likes · 36.2K comments so far.

#5 Now it’s your turn, buddy.

Viral TikTok ideas: Sunday

#1 “Whoa” is back! How about being whoa with friends this time? Have no idea what we are talking about? @dina’s #whoa has really gone viral gaining 3.5M likes · 15K comments. Maybe you could rock as well?

#2 Prankwars. The only tip we could give here is to BE reasonable. “How many IKEA pencils” from @scott.boersen reveals Australian TikToker’s fun personality. 

#3 Re-act for #rainbow #color #hair pranks. #prankwars are wars after all! OK, BOOMER! Is @candyken’s TikTok statement with lots of viral tiktoks featuring pranksters.

#4 To top it all, #thisismyvoice cringe. Just any cringe. It can be an anime as @alainahatsune does or beatboxing as @ervbeatz does.

#5 You, wrapping it up. 
By the way, if you want to stick with six TikTok videos a day – go for it! Yo! Sky’s the limit!

Whoa! Your 21 day TikTok challenge is OVER!

If you stayed till the end of this, congrats! No doubt you’ve gained a couple of thousand TikTok followers by now. 

That’s not, however, to end the fame game – it’s just a time to slow down a bit. Breath freely – sticking to 4-5 videos/day is not required any more (unless you have plenty of time to keep it up). Another thing to say is Welcome to a TikTok Pro club! Sure, it’s a little bit unexpected for you, but… we are pretty certain by now, you’ve nailed the TikToker’s must-have skills. Pat yourself for that. Duets, filters, and effects, popular trends, memes, famous creators – you know it all, isn’t it? Well, keep up the good job! Catch on popular trends and let us know what clicks with you? Don’t forget to add a widely known #fyp or #foryoupage hashtag that’s, believably, gets you into a desired For You page.

To top it all, let’s take the quiz called “Are you going to be TikTok famous?”. Tap the link to know your fate 😁.

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To Recap

There’s no guarantee you won’t get TikTok famous if you put the right amount of passion and hard work into it. Famous TikTokers’ biggest catch today is large following and contagious content. Even if staying #athome these days, there is no reason to miss upon a chance of cracking the TikTok algorithm. With all the advice from creators who went viral on TikTok in days, free TikTok resources, and unique 3-week TikTok video plan, you are bound to leap ahead.

Let’s Make Your Day with TikTok Famous challenge. What do you think? 


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Playstation Plus Free Games January 2020

It is mid-January and you still do not know what were the PlayStation Plus free games for...