Roblox Gamer: 7 Legit Ways To Get Free Robux In 2020

Have you been wondering if it is in fact possible to get free Robux? After, you have googled, have seen all kinds of scammers, and sites that give you sore eyes just looking at them. 

To give you a little bit cure for your sore eyes, and the taste of feeling as if you have cracked the code, and now feel like you know the secrets of the universe, we will lay out some of the few legit websites and ways to get free Robux, in this very post.

Roblox likes to call themselves an “imagination platform” which allows its users to develop and play. They do not hide the fact that the game resembles a little bit of Minecraft. However, they are different, and we have to agree since this whole article is going to be about them and about the money, one can use on their platform.

There is a currency in the game that is called Robux. It is what you use to get hats, shirts and stuff like that, to customize your avatar; it is the in-game money just like any other games. There are few legit ways to make free Robux; one of them is by creating a game yourself. Selling original designs of the shirts, and pants, and all kinds of merchandise. Trading some of your stuff away on trade hangouts is also an option.

In addition, there are ways to get free Robux. We know the topic has become kind of the thing that many refrain from talking or even opening a conversation about due to many of the scammer who caused the public trust to go down.


The real answer to getting the Robux free is Bloxmate. Since their launch, they had been downloaded almost a million times and have helped to provide free Robux all over the world. All you have to have is Builder Club membership to transfer the dough you make in-app.

Free Robux: Bloxmate

How it works is pretty much the same as the many websites or platforms where getting Robux free is actually not free. What we mean by that is that you will have to perform a task or survey, to receive a certain amount of Robux.

A caution after the first recommendation is that by now you might get the idea that getting Robux free is never actually free. In addition, you shall not trust anyone who claims otherwise. Surely, there are websites, platforms where you can get something by performing a certain task or surveys, downloading some app, then joining a group or so.

Those are more or less credible.


Featurepoint is one of those credible applications that give out free Robux codes to its users. The catch here is again you need to do something like take up a survey or download an app of something, you know, the usual hassle.

Free Robux: Featurepoints

The application works not only for Robux but also for multiple other platforms, which can only mean one thing that it is quite legit.

You will be paid in points, which you can exchange for Robux. The thing about the application is that you really are not getting anything free. Even it gives you the idea that you are getting something.

You are merely being paid for the job you do on their platform, and since you will still have to do something, to get something it is hard to call it FREE ROBUX.


Third, one on our list is PointsPrizes which helps you get free Robux codes easily and in a unique way. They work with Rixty and Google Play and iTunes to get you the codes to exchange into Robux.

Free Robux: PointPrizes

You can earn points by giving out your email address. (A pro tip: have a secondary email, which you can give to them and all kinds of other people, you know why!). You can also earn by completing a survey, answering a few questions, or watching an ad online, and perhaps downloading an app.

The time it takes depends all on you but they say it could take up to an hour. It is not long if you do not mind waiting, but it is irritating if you want to have it immediately. One more advantage is that you will not have to enter your credit card detail. Once you have earned some points, you can redeem it via the google play store or iTunes store. When you install the Roblox free mobile app and adding Robux to your account.

CashforApps and more

Where you can get free Robux by performing various tasks, namely surveys, downloading some apps, etc. It is here at CashforApps, which is an application with thousands of users doing the tasks and getting some dough for it.

Free Robux: CashforApps

We are going to include not only CashforApps here but also a few others altogether so that we would not have to talk about each in a separate way, to give you the cure for your sore eye we promised you won’t have to read through.

Robutrc is also one where you can get free Robux by downloading an app, but it also asks you to join a group, after that, from where you will be paid. So do not worry and join the group it asks.

Usually, there is a set amount of time one needs to spend as a rule.

Robux2020, Swagbucks, are all websites where you can acquire free Robux.


What we mean by creating is that there are a few types of creations, such as creating a shirt or pants or any other accessories. As in the above options, you had to perform various tasks to get the so-called free Robux. However, getting something free is actually never free anyway, so you might as well create your designs, and sell them to get those free Robux.

The best thing to create is, in fact, your own game. Since it is a populated platform, marketing your game shall not be the hard part. However, of course, your game needs to make sense and be fun to play.

However, since you still have to work for other methods of getting a little free Robux why not work on your own terms and get those free Robux, which in fact were not free in the first place.

There is an example of a person, “Belfast” or something, a student from New York who in fact creates his games to pay his tuition fees. It might not be a grand example, but you might think I need those free Robux the easy away. I have neither desire nor skills to create new games. Well, you do not need much of any skill except what life already has taught you, to do the next one.


Roblox is an incredible platform, which incorporates the economics of real life into the virtual world like no other game. In addition, there are some aspects that you could only have on that specific platform.

For example, the trade hangouts is where creators sell the merchandise they made straight to the hand of the gamer himself.

There is one small catch though, as the game was so good at incorporating real-life economics, you can make money as if you would in real life.

Easiest would be to buy those items off the hands of the creators. Of course, not for however much they ask, you need to bargain and decrease the price.

Once you bought them, sell those items you have bought at a higher price. Even if you were not able to talk the price down with the creator, you still can sell it at a higher price. 


This method might not be the most popular because you basically are asking someone to give you some RC, but it still is free. There are videos on YouTube where they advertise free giveaways, we cannot tell you which ones to trust which ones not to. However, you could try a few of them at once and see if you were not lying, and in case if they were, then well perhaps, it’s time to move on.

Free Robux: Giveaways


Use your own logic. Doing research before writing, we came across a website where they were saying that generators are not real and that we should not trust them. Later, I checked out a website where they openly wrote that they were generators, and it worked, it was Robuxtrc, or Robutrc something.

The moral of the story is that now the internet is full of people who claim one is bad and the other one is good, without looking from the side of the one they were just criticizing.

The fact remains if something is bad and does not work, then it TRULY is bad, what we want to advocate for is that first one needs to know what and how it is. Then speak.

When using your logic, you need to understand no matter what a website says, or claims, Robux is in fact never free. We know we just talked about the absolute opposite. However, the idea of getting something free after doing something is not quite right. Because you are doing something for something else that means you are actually taking something by giving something else.


Gamer turned writer, Mr.Pacman loves playing, still. Also, writing about it to those who are on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo and who need to know more about games, its specifics, and codes and cheats. Well, because he understands how hard and frustrating it can be playing a game for weeks at a time with no progress.


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