Free Twitch Bits Guide: How To Get Bits On Twitch

What if we told you that it is possible to get bits on Twitch for free? You do know what the Twitch bits are, right? In case you don’t, no worries; we will explain what bits are and how you get can them free. We will also show how you can donate Twitch bits to your favorite streamer.

What are Twitch bits?

Bits are the internal currency of Twitch. They are used mainly to cheer or to support your favorite streamer. There are other ways to support your streamer, but cheering through donating bits gives you a certain feel in the chat, and helps you stand out. You can find out more from the official Twitch website.

Bits are very helpful in maintaining good relations with streamers you watch regularly. By donating you might not only be helping them financially and help them do what they do but more importantly, you are showing that you appreciate his or her work.

Want to know how much Twitch bits cost?

Use this simple Bits To Dollar Calculator [April 2020 Bit Value] Just type in the number of bits you need to see the price in USD. Now you can Cheer with Bits too 👍! Bit Value Updated Monthly. For XCS-WEB Twitch fans with ❤️.



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How to get Twitch bits for free?

  • Filling out surveys with Twitch research power group
  • Watching ads on Twitch desktop version
  • Watching ads on Twitch mobile version
  • Farming bits while watching ads

📊 Filling out surveys for Twitch research group

All you will need to is sign up or create an account with TwitchRPG (research power group), and wait.

Use an email that you check often as the tasks they send out are time-sensitive and are usually meant for a certain number of people.

Twitch reasearch group announcement

This means if a survey was to send out, it would be for, say hundred people. And the first hundred who opens that link will get the commission and the request.

Assuming you were one of the hungry people who won the race to the link, you would have to watch a video about 5-15 minutes long. Then, answer the questions related to that content. It could ask your opinion on quality, branding, anything really.

This platform initially was created to keep Twitch improving. And it is serving its purpose, by letting the viewers do that for them. Another cool thing about being an RPG member is that you can participate in sweepstakes to have the possibility to win something.

💻 Watching ads on Twitch for desktop

The most common way a lot of people get free Twitch bits is through watching the ads, which is also the easiest way. However, ads on Twitch are not always available for watching, so you will need to understand that you cannot make a big bank watching Twitch ads.

First, you have to turn off your AdBlock on whatever browser you use them. Then, go the chat on the right side of your screen where you will have the number of bits you own and a “GET BITS” written to the right of it.

You will have to click on the button, and it will show you the list of bits available also with a watch ad at the top.

If it is the same color as chat and clickable this means you can watch an ad. However, if it is color is blue and unclickable, this means you are done for the day or perhaps for a couple of days until the next ad in your area will be available.

For our European readers, it might not always work there as the ads are played according to location the advertiser request.

📲 Watching ads on mobile

You might be thinking how is watching ads on mobile is different than watching ads on the desktop. Well, the demographics the advertisers want to focus on vary differently so is the type of ads specifically prepared.

Thus, ads that do well on the desktop do not usually do well on mobile, or you might not be able to convey the quality, the size, and technicalities of ads that exist on the desktop to the mobile platforms.

Nevertheless, there are more ads being placed on mobile platforms these days than a laptop. Thinking of how many hours you spend in front of your mobile screen compared to a computer, it only makes sense.

One last thing that might have come to your mind is “if you watched the number of ads available already on the desktop, can you still watch some more on mobile?” and the answer is yes. You can watch a few ads there and a few more on your smartphone.

Watching ads ➕ completing simple tasks

This might sound a bit off, and unheard of before. But the idea is the same as watching ads for bits.

The only difference is that you will have to interact with the ads, like move your mouse a bit right or left, or choose a picture that matches the theme or do those simple functions that human verifications ask all the time.

Interacting sometimes gives you a bit more bits than just playing the ads and doing nothing. 

If you are in need of free Twitch services, check out this website where they offer multiple free Twitch likes, followers, channel views, and even Twitch overlays and panels.

How to cheer your streamer with Twitch bits?

Now that we know the ways to earn free Twitch bits, let us talk about how you can now cheer your favorite streamer.

It is pretty simple, you just have to go to your dashboard, and choose one of your favorite streamers, or someone whom you wish to cheer.

Once you open up the screen on the right bottom side where the chat is, or more like where we went previously to hunt for some free Twitch bits, you will see the amount you have available. Then you can choose how many you would like to cheer.

You can also type some words before and/or after the bits. Most people like to share their appreciation of talk about common things they have with their streamers. So, they just type that.

Since this is not a tutorial on how to chat, we will leave that part to you. You can also check out his video to find out more.


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