How To Get Free PSN Codes In 2020 – 9 Fastest Ways [Legit and Working]

We know you’ve been googling “how to get free PSN codes” right now.

No matter how much time you spend on the PlayStation gaming, it’s always not enough. We bet, you’ve probably played all the free-to-plays by now.

Indeed, why would you fork out on endless sessions when you can actually have it unlimited with no money asked from you?

if you want more gaming content, check out our gaming category to enjoy the latest free games from PlayStation, or if you want to find out the most addictive games of 2020

Here, we’ve put together six heavy gamers’ 36 months of their PSN journey (nearly half of which went cost-free) and came up with 9 hacks to get the wonder codes in 2020 and beyond.

For those of you just getting into the PSN thing, we’ll talk a bit about what the elusive free PSN codes are, the way they work, how and where veteran gamers are getting those (and how you can too). Today, in 2020.

Before everything else, let’s tick off the PS4’s most wanted features from your Must-Know list, shall we?

And if you think role-playing is the only activity there, you are wrong!

Why You Would Want To Be On PS4 Today

  • Shooting up a comment on your friend’s activity
  • Seeing what your friends are up to through your ‘What’s New’ feed
  • Watching a ton of Live gameplay streams on Twitch or YouTube
  • Joining the chat and/or  live streaming yourself
  • Getting your folks, amigos, and pals into an intense group gaming session
  • Handing over control of the game to another PS Plus member with Share Play
  • Adding up another couple of trophies to your collection
  • And WAY more 

Are all the fun activities PlayStation Network hustlers fall for.

What Are PSN Codes, and How They Really Work

PlayStation Network code is a unique alphanumeric 12-digit code that is placed on each PSN gift card to allow user-specific access to the desired game in the PlayStation Store. Simply put, it’s a form of digital money within the #1 gaming platform. 

As such, while the codes are redeemed to deposit credit in a virtual wallet, a user is granted access to his purchase (full games, add-ons, background themes, etc.)

The more graphic way of how they function is here

how psn codes work

How Long The Code is Valid For?

Well, according to Sony themselves, some codes have an expiry date listed on the voucher requiring you to activate the code and get the money into your wallet unless you want them to lose. 

By the way, did you know that “some voucher codes need to be activated by the retailer at the time of purchase” again as stated on the official Playstation website? Seeing ‘no value until activated at register’ popping up over and over again you may want to check with the retailer that it was correctly activated.

You might wonder why to use a PSN code when you can actually use a credit card to make an in-store purchase. For two big reasons, we say. 

1.   When it is difficult, impossible or unwanted to use a credit card for whatever reason

2.   Because the codes (at the right time and at the right places) are given away as free PSN codes

Are Those Codes Safe To Use?

Yes and No. If you get them from a legit source, PSN codes are officially generated by Sony Entertainment and are painlessly redeemed in the Playstation store. 

However, depending on the retailer it may do more harm than good. You may end up getting ripped-off in case the code digits turn out to be invalid or already used. 

Guess what’s even more annoying than somebody ripping you off?

The time you spend on those free PSN codes! Imagine for a moment, minutes and hours filling out multiple surveys and installing a bunch of zero-value apps on your smartphone to get access to code just to find them fake!

Important to note though, the risk of your PS account being hacked is negligible if you don’t hand down the login credentials yourself, of course!

Back on track! 

We are here to save you time on your next raid, tournament, or online gaming session on PS4. 

Here it goes, the complete list of 9 best ways/places to get free PSN codes is just a line below. 

1. Playstation Plus Network Trial

If you are unsure where to start your free PSN codes search, Playstation Network the best way to get free psn codes is by signing up for PlayStation Plus for one, three, or twelve months. You get a 14-day free trial with full access to incredible PS4 multiplayer buttles – a chance to lead the winning team, take down the enemy and explore the ever-changing gameland to its fullest.

To sign up for PS Plus go over the steps shown.

free psn codes from trial

2. Points on PointPrizes

Getting the codes somewhere comes up again as soon as your free trial on PS ends. 

That’s when a place like PointsPrises can literally save your day. Through completing the surveys, watching video apps, and completing minor tasks offered by multiple task providers, you earn points. You can redeem those for Playstation Network Gift Cards of different values down the road or free PSN codes. 

Depending on the PSN gift card’s value you want to get, it may eat up some time for certain points to gain. Keep in mind that the major requirement on those point exchange sites is to complete the tasks in full. Whether it’s 15 seconds or half an hour.

But this is your will to get those, right?

3. PSNbot Reward Points

Much like its competitors, runs on a points-for-code reward system, this might not be the best way to get free psn codes. However, the points are gained for the completion of simple tasks like downloading certain apps to a smartphone or PC, completing the surveys, or watching the adds. 

The winning point of PSNbot though is its point processing speed nearing 20 seconds or less. Aside from running fast, PSNbot offers a million tasks to choose from. 

As the reward system is Playstation specific, there’s a much bigger opportunity for everyone getting free PSN codes. There are no points to cash on for services like Amazon, iTunes, or Netflix. All just for PSN fans. 

This is why more PSN codes are given daily and are not limited to a particular user. 

The PSN gift card value there ranges from $10 to $100. Depending on the number of completed tasks and earned points, you get PSN code for a certain value gift card, or may ultimately choose to keep earning points and redeem those later.

 4. Code’s Giveaways 

Another great option is to look into giveaways here and there from time to time to get free ps plus codes.

There are certain websites that distribute the set number of free PSN codes weekly or monthly. 

Even Playstation Network itself is said to run the smashing discounts and giveaways occasionally. is next on this list when it comes to trusted giveaway sites. 

There are 10 legit codes published within the first week of each month that attract thousands of hungry PS4 fans. So, snatching the code is not going to be easy.

The providers make an effort to give away only working PSN codes, yet by the time the average Joe gets there, the bigger half of them(if not all) is going to be used already. 

To make the ‘code mining’ process easier and less frustrating for seekers, PSNList brings up its code generator, which proves to be quite accurate and impressively up for around 18 months straight. 

Which is another reason to visit

5. SurveyJunkie Cards

Love filling out the surveys, but a bit reluctant to browse where you can cash on your whim? Or maybe you just want to help brands improve their products and services? Perhaps you just want some free ps plus codes.

Welcome to the SurveyJunkie Club! 

There are hundreds of surveys to fill out, which leads to a number of gift cards waiting for someone to get. And free PSN codes, gift cards are there too. 

6. Code/Gift Card Exchange Websites

Many consider the places where they can exchange Amazon, Spotify, or Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards for a PlayStation Network Gift Card a little risky. With a great deal of fake card exchange websites, getting the one which is legit may be really tough. Unless… 

You are here with us thus far.

Because CardCash is the place you want to stick with for card exchange services, and some free ps plus codes.

Why so? A ton of card resellers and value deals, plus a 45-day money-back guarantee on all discounted gift cards. 

Now, go and check your “maybe” pack, get out of ti whatever gift card you haven’t used in weeks and head to CardCash to have PSN gift card on your next gameplay sitting. 

7. Reddit Check

Who would have thought that passionate Redditers landed on this list?

Not officially Playstation affiliated, Reddit, however, boasts nearly hundred of giveaway announcements with regular updates done by the communities known as subreddits, or r/group name. 

r/RandomActsOfGaming and r/GiftoGames are first to try out. 

Needless to say, you need to be sure the provider is legit. And if it looks any fishy, it’s probably best to avoid. 

Otherwise, Reddit is a rich source to keep up with the game updates and share the free psn codes, tips, and online multiplayer passion. 

8. Codes-Keys Code Generator

Oh, yes, that’s debatable!

Thousands of articles insisting all of the code generators are complete scams that you better run away from. But is it really that simple?


Sifting through the first 100 PSN code generators that Google pulls in for us in the search, we’ve singled out just the two of them which stand by their promises. That’s negligible 0.02% of the pull. Not surprisingly, the whole category is labeled as fake.

And the two working PlayStation code generators we found? is one of them. 

The updated 2020 free PSN codes generator allows minimal error (1.24%) when generating the code. The users’ rating for it on social has been fairly positive, although few complaints about it being a bit slow bringing in the code, roughly at 3-5 minutes. The site’s overall rating deserves 4 stars out of five. 

considering you are getting free ps plus codes it is tolerable.

Because the whole code generation process is solely based on complex algorithmic computing and once properly build does not require human involvement, it is quite easy and a whole lot cheaper. 

Operating large streams of traffic, codes-keys are able to distribute up to a hundred unused PSN codes a day, making it #1 destination for those who want to play PS4 for free. 

9. PSNCodesLive Generator

Codes-key competitor, PSNcodeslive is another place to snatch the desirable code within minutes. Despite having much less unused codes in their database (as 1 in every 10 tends to turn wrong), it is still a chance you want to take advantage of. 

You don’t have to wait hours to generate the code, just follow all the instructions the system shows up on the screen. The provider is 

As a side note, don’t forget to activate the generated code before complaining that it’s used already. The activation is not done automatically for you and may require a number of steps to go through. Be patient.

It is also worth mentioning that no matter where you get the free code, there’s always a chance it may not be available in your region. 

Just some services state it explicitly, while others keep it close to their chests letting you know only when you logged into your PS account. Don’t be pissed off. 

How To Redeem Free PSN Codes From The PlayStation App An A Smartphone

Because many of you don’t know how to redeem the free PSN codes on a mobile device, here are the steps.

From your phone, you can scan the voucher code from a printed receipt or from the computer monitor. To scan your voucher codes, you need to 

  1. Open the PlayStation App on your iPhone or Android
  2. Go to the app menu
  3. Tap the Redeem Codes
  4. Tap Continue button
  5. Enable camera access to the PlayStation®App 
  6. Scan your voucher code from the computer screen or a printed receipt 
  7. Or enter the code manually
  8. Tap Continue to finish up the redemption

Or you can do it through the Wallet:

free psn codes through the wallet

The Bottom Line

Not all the websites are providing legit and working free ps plus codes, but there are surely some listed here, which fall into one of these categories: 

  • ‘Exchange Points’ websites
  • ‘Gift Cards/Codes Exchange’ websites
  • Giveaway websites 
  • Code Generator websites
  • And of course, PSN Plus 14-day free trial! 

Here are a couple more things to keep in mind before giving up on getting free PSN codes and turning to buy them:

Free PSN codes can be picked up from the services that either ask a user to complete the tasks, enter the giveaway or hit  ‘Generate the code’ button. 

Either way, there are certainly other factors involved in whether the code actually is working.

  • Number of free PSN codes available
  • Number of site visitors
  • Type of gift card the provider distributed
  • How often the codes are updated
  • How many of them are per a single user
  • The activation at the code provider(yes or no)
  • The code is region-specific or not


Gamer turned writer, Mr.Pacman loves playing, still. Also, writing about it to those who are on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo and who need to know more about games, its specifics, and codes and cheats. Well, because he understands how hard and frustrating it can be playing a game for weeks at a time with no progress.


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