7 Reasons To Buy SoundCloud Followers [Plus Top 3 Websites To Buy in 2020]

Because you are here already, there’s no need in telling you what SoundCloud platform is, or how a million Clouders taking advantage of the world’s largest open audio platform every single day. And we won’t.

This blog post lists the primary reasons when buying SoundCloud followers does make sense and when it actually doesn’t no matter what marketers say.  It’ll also give you a sneak peek at what a legit SoundCloud service looks like, pointing out the top three websites to buy SoundCloud followers risk-free in 2020.

Keep along to find how you can take your SoundCloud career onto a new level without working your butt off.

When should you buy SoundCloud followers?

1.The get-go game

Let’s face it, it’s tough to take it off the ground when starting on SoundCloud. Some Clouders spend years to finally land a worthy contract. And others stop halfway, giving up on their dream.

There’s nothing wrong with taking your SoundCloud career seriously, and as with every career – setting career objectives. Your thirst for a jump up in the rankings worth the investment, right?

 Buying a number of real followers quickly puts things in gear. Keep uploading quality records and try to reach a hundred subscribers within a certain time. Did you reach? Congrats, your content truly deserves a credit.

You didn’t? Welcome to the off-the-books SoundCloud method – buying fans. It may seem a bit costly, but in fact, saves your nerves and time.

2. Time is all

If you are sure time is your most important asset then go, buy SoundClouder followers. You don’t have to wait months to boost your fanship on the platform.

How exactly it saves time?

  1. Your SoundCloud account gains play almost instantly because of the followers it gets
  2. New followers are attracted to your records because of the followers you keep on your account
  3. Where the plays are, there the downloads are. Logical.

So, buying the followers (of course, they are real) lets you shorten the time spent on account promotion. Typically, at around 20 percent.

3. More gigs

What’s the direct result of getting noticed on the platform? Gigs, of course! There is a ton of artists who got a push from getting a couple of thousands of real followers on their accounts.

According to some services anonymous polls, nearly 60% of today’s singers and bands have purchased SoundCloud followers at least once. A major part of those ties their most lucrative gigs to a successful launch of their SoundCloud career.

4. To kick off interaction

To kick off interaction

Their icon’s latest record or unbelievable contract is what unites fans. Seeing thousands chatting, commenting and sharing there’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t want to step in and either back up or beat against if the feedback is scammy.

Having the real people on SoundCloud profile in its bare sense may persuade the public to play your recordings, download, and comment, and eventually, follow all your releases. Building relations with fans through timely updates on their playlists create a feeling of trust and appreciation from fans.

It serves as a springboard for landing lucrative record gigs and turning your life around.

5. Topin’ up the charts

Wasn’t that the initial intent of you – to grow far and beyond the SoundCloud platform?

C’mon! Multiple charts are waiting for you to compete. There’s a big chance of you getting into the top 100 Billboard performers if you are already hitting a million subs. But if not, that’s okay. Online shoppes, The social marketeers and FeedPixel are all excellent choices to boost your platform rankings from the get-go. Taking the racing seriously doesn’t necessarily mean waiting for months to gain followers organically. It obviously means getting those the smart way, perhaps to buy SoundCloud followers is not a bad idea at all.

6. Draw in more followers FAST

Just a couple of lines above we discussed how the number of followers on your Soundcloud profile could serve as social proof for others driving in an ever-increasing number of new fans. Well, not always fans but plays and downloads for sure.

Imagine a newer account with just a follower or two, a bunch of recordings and a handful of plays. Now, imagine the other with hundreds of fans, comments and plays and the same quality content. Who are you likely to join?

That’s not the universal rule, but rather the likely scenario coming from years of deep analysis of platforms like SoundCloud.

7. Record label eye candy

Record label eye candy

If you are a producer of a record label and see some’s getting through the other 20 million creators and is consistently topping the most played tracks on SoundCloud, would you be interested in getting to know a newly discovered talent?

That’s how the Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, Post Malone and thousand others broke the chart records, releasing their debut albums and turning a talent and passion into a multimillion-dollar career.

Yes, you have the right to become a megastar and claim your record deals!

8. Be known beyond SoundCloud (THE BONUS REASON 😆)

Believe it or not, something as simple as buying SoundCloud followers for your account today could actually pave the way to get it mainstream tomorrow.

How come?

Growing the number of devoted fans on the platform spreads your records all around the web as people share those. From here it catches fire and your SoundCloud account gets hit by loads of fans.

The more followers you get – the more chances you get noticed.

Before Post Malone posted “White Iversion”, SoundCloud’s viral sensation which ranked over a million plays over a month, he wasn’t seeing his deal with Republic Record. He just managed to get it right.

 On the flip side, here are the 6 CASES when buying may prove to be a little foolish.

1.“Plays over followers” case

Supposing you bought your followers who are not engaged with your content, (alas! turned to be fake), except for “numbers” on your SoundCloud profile, what’s in it for you?

You will get substantial backup in terms of numbers but it won’t bring you the plays and downloads, likes and reposts. Also, apparently a lot more emphasis by the platform algorithm is placed on engagement, aka plays, shares, comments, than on the number of inactive subscribers.

2.“Targeted – not worldwide” case

“Targeted - not worldwide” case

Your followers come from…, well, all parts of the world! Buying those you ultimately blur the overall picture of the audience’s geographic location. The next time you upload a record bear in mind that stats that show up on your account are not factual.

If you are fine with it – go for it. It may really help you get a head-start in a flash. Targeted or not, after all, it all downs to how others see you, right? You may go viral in a particular country, but have no value in another one. Or, be a sort of known globally (not necessarily SoundCloud’s megastar).

Where you want your music career to take off is through another aspect of buying SoundCloud followers. Major record labels vary from country to country and often tend to favor household names over big-wig internationals.

3.“Shady, shady lady” case

You got lucky and your SoundCloud followers are real human beings rocketing your number of plays and downloads? But where you are actually getting those? Imagine how confused you’ll get if anyone discovers that!

That is not to say the services you seek help are disclosing the purchase (that would have been foolish for both of you), but even if worked, there’s no one to brag to.

You have to deal with keeping it close to your chest. Oh, yes! One in every fourth buys SoundCloud followers, plays or downloads. But how many of them have the guts to reveal that ruining their careers and enraging fans?


4. “Mission Upgrade” case

The records you upload to your channel are there to get your audience’s honest feedback?

How about bots adding up on your account? How far would this boost your artistic value?

That said, in case you get lucky enough to buy real Soundcloud followers, you’ll have it all. So wanted feedback from the real audience along with engagement boost thanks to social proof and popularity growth.

That said, 80% of those who get fans from various providers miss up on improvement as accounts are usually inactive and little engaged with uploads.

5. “Haste makes waste” case

Never ever get anything without weighing all the pros and cons of it. Keep in mind, slow and steady wins the race. Buying thousands of fans (even if they are real) may not be the wisest of actions to take if you want to make it big.

It serves just as social proof, and nothing more.

It is possible that you get another couple of SoundCloud fans down the road as a result of that. Still, there is a great chance your purchased fans may not stay with you for long. Interesting, that may happen in both cases:

  1. In case they are real because they either didn’t like the records you upload, or your content changed a bit in quality or else how.
  2. In case they are fake because the algorithm has detected and wiped half of those overnight.

Needless to say, your reputation as an artist is hurt. As well as your SoundCloud account.

6. “Word of mouth” case

"Word of mouth” case

Where did you get those followers from? If you ever get them?! As for multiple complaints, an impressive 67% of those who placed their first order for any type of social engagement services never get one.

Make sure not the one who is fooled. Spend time looking into the reviews, chatting with the support team, and place your order at its minimum to see if it really works.


Take a look at the Top Three places to buy SoundCloud followers we’ve piled up here.

3. Online shoppes

If you are hastily searching for buy SoundCloud followers now, you might get a little surprised as Online shoppes won’t pop up on the first page of Google, nor do they on the second or third. Now widely known, Online shoppes is nonetheless a service that deserves your attention. The site offers various services across several platforms, but that’s just as a side note.

The site boasts a steady flock of regular customers, despite being not the cheapest out on the market.  They don’t have a chatbox (which would have made the connection easier), but is always accessible through the Contact Us form, getting back to a sender within a day time.

Customers’ feedback on the service sound quite positive, featuring real followers and account growth. The drawback, however, is that no trial is available to a first time user. Considering a bit pricey service, you surely don’t want to let someone take your money away.

2. Thesocialmarketeers

Far less costly than the above one. Yet still worth checking out. In fact, more.

Thesocialmarketeers takes credit for its transparency – the site keeps open estimated delivery time, its refund policy and terms of service. More, the services range from social media to website reviews making it a viable stop for someone who needs not just one but several products.

The delivery is fast enough. Opting for a smaller pack you are promised to get the delivery within 24-48 hours. And they usually do.

Another cool thing about the service is that they are easily available through Whatsapp, Skype or email. If unsure- reach out to support officer and you’ll get the answer you need, be it the order status or refund request, or anything you want to know.

1. FeedPixel

What happens when great is added to good? Yes, that’s surely the service that can stand any competition. The service takes pride in delivering although not targeted but real SoundCloud followers for months.

Customer reviews speak high of the delivery speed, ranging anywhere between 12-48 hours, or less depending on the amount of order. FeedPixel’s Live Chat support is also worthy of support.

Available 24/7 support team runs free consultations per request and is ready to share advice on how to pick the right package (which in most cases is customized) tailored to both budget and customer’s needs.

Reportedly, those who bought followers to supercharge their SoundCloud career saw on average a 20-30% increase in the number of views and plays within the first month of purchase.

On top of that, customers’ loyalty program is truly commendable, allowing regular customers to redeem points from every purchase they make towards the payment and get up to a 60% discount on their next purchases.

Key Points

Deciding to buy SoundCloud followers makes sure the service is legit and there’s a real need in it.

Buy SoundCloud followers if:

  • Starting from scratch
  • Growing the profile is urgent
  • Gigs are for soul and money
  • Fans interaction is a little down
  • Boost in profile ranking wanted
  • Followers add up to followers… or not?
  • Record Label contracts needed
  • Beyond the platform to the mainstream is your mantra

If time matters and no way you gain followers fast – then, there’s nothing to lose. Except for a few bucks if you run into a scam.


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