Best Landing Spots Fortnite That Guarantees You Win

Best landing spots Fortnite is a difficult thing to give one answer to. Depending on your playstyle, the area you prefer might be the area I don’t even land on. 

However, if you want to find out the best places to land in Fortnite. I will shape this article in such a way that is both useful and interesting to read.

You will find Fortnite best loot locations, apart from Fortnite best landing spots, and the list of all Fortnite 6 locations.

Fortnite landing spots give various advantages. For example, if you are the type of player who wants to get straight into shooting others, Spire lately seems to be the place. 

However, you want to tame some wolves you know the spot to drop at. The same goes for if you want to craft some mechanical or primal weapons, you probably know the best landing spots Fortnite. 

Yet regardless of that, the article will include some of the best landing spots  Fortnite to farm the most mechanical parts or the animal bones. 

Now without further adieu. Let us get to the question of “where should I land in Fortnite” for all the purposes. Don’t forget to check out the gaming category for more interesting game articles from us. 

Before you get started below is the map of Fortnite season 6 for all those who are not quite familiar with it yet.

Map of Fortnite Season 6

map of fortnite season 6

Best Landing Spots Fortnite

The first of the Fortnite landing spots is John Wick’s house. It is not just among the best places to land in Fortnite, it might just be THE best spot. 

You need to farm basically everything because a lot of gold drops can be found. Plus, there are at least 4 chests. 

I have the mark on the map which you can see is to the Southern-west of Sweaty Sands and Northwest of Holly Wedges. 

The reason why you should collect all the gold-drops is: because John Wick lets you upgrade all the weapons. Considering you start with 25 gold, and if you get all the drops. You might just be starting the game with a purple pump. 

This must go down in history as one of the Fortnite best loot locations since you are going to have a God-tier starting arsenal. 

By the way, NPCs now drop a shield. You can either take that or just leave it. Because this Fortnite loot map gets even better.  

Why? How? Well, due to the following.

This is one of the best landing spots Fortnite is the mechanical part. Not the parts themselves. But the possibility to be able to farm them so quickly. 

That God-tier farm is achieved to some degree with mechanical parts which you find in the plethora of. 

There aren’t any tamable animals nearby as this is a Villa. But sometimes you may encounter some. Among the best places to drop in Fortnite what makes it unique is that you can find slurp trucks. 

To do that you need to drive towards the center where on the road you may encounter that truck. 

Best Landing Spots Fortnite

Best Place to drop in Fortnite

This is another one of the best landing spots Fortnite that guarantees you get a purple pump from the start. I will mark the spot on the map. But before that let me tell you what else is cool about this spot. 

It is simply among the best places to drop in Fortnite because this is not the most contested spot. Of course, it is not a secret how many chests you can find here. 

But the fact that is at the corner of the map, makes it seem like not the best of the landing Fortnite 6 locations.

There is already no need to wonder where I should drop in Fortnite with just these two spots. But read along for there will be more of the best landing spots Fortnite. 

Particularly this area is the best for farming hard mats. Brick and stone! However, the availability of mechanical parts plus the gold drops makes it the best place to drop in Fortnite and in all Fortnight locations. 

Jules the NPC you find there not only sells mechanical parts, but she also upgrades your weapons.  

So, even if you were to find a gray shotgun you could upgrade to till blue at which point with all the mechanical parts you can craft it into a purple pump. 

You will have more mechanical parts left over if you want to get a scar or other upgraded assault rifles. 

Below is the map marked with the best Fortnite loot locations we have just told you about.

Best Place to drop in Fortnite

Where Should I Land in Fortnite

The next best landing spot on Fortnite is the one that is least likely to be contested. Even though these two above have low chances of being contested, because they give you God-tier loadout, the chances someone already knows are high. 

However, this spot on the other hand is hard to find like the Fortnite season 6 secret battle star. To the question above, this is the single most correct answer.  

You will find ample chests and mats to farm. What you want to do is to drop on top of the guardian mountain. There is at least one chest there, but sometimes two. You drop below there is one more, and if you drop there are even more chests. 

Plus you can even kill the spire assassin and get a purple primal rifle. Just be ready before you commit, because it is not easy to kill those NPCs anymore. 

What makes one of the best landing spots Fortnite is not that it starts you off with some purple primal rifle and a bunch more. But you get to make it even better. 

To indulge yourself, you want to go up and glide south to the retail row side. You shall see four trees lined up perfectly like a square. There is usually a bunker chest around those trees.

Bunker chest guarantees you get something Golden.  So, considering you loot both spots effectively. You could be starting the game with a Golden and a Purple weapon plus the primal if you decided to pick it up from the NPC’s drop.  

There couldn’t be any better Fortnite landing spots than these two right?

Let us discover the next best landing posts in Fortnite that might just make you lose your mind. 

Where Should I Land in Fortnite

Fortnite Best Landing Spots

Another one of the best places to drop  Fortnite is that bridge between the Colossal Crops. 

In this area, you can easily find 5 chests. Plus farm the crap ton of the mats.

What makes it the best landing posts Fortnite is that you can find animal bones easily here. Say hello to your primal whatever you want to craft. 

If the John Wick villa was the spot to make money and the Camp Cod was like the area to farm mechanicals, this is the area to farm animals bones. 

You need to make sure to loot the entire bridge then head over to another one of the places to land in Fortnite where you can find a bunker chest.  

If Primal wasn’t enough you are guaranteed to get a legendary rifle or golden SMP from the bunker chest. Thus, again you will be starting the game with a God-tier loadout. 

This definitely is THE one of Fortnite best loot locations that guarantee you have full mats, and the potential to win the game. 

You shouldn’t be wondering where I should drop in Fortnite after these Fortnite 6 locations. However in case that is still not enough.

I will have a few other best landing spots Fortnite that will make sure you will never want to drop anywhere else but these. 

Fortnite Best Landing Spots

Fortnite Loot Map

This spot is one of the best landing spots Fortnite and next to Camp Cod in terms of how fast you can gather mechanical parts. 

Not only does it guarantee you have a purple pump from the get-go, but you also are left with a bunch of mechanical parts to craft whatever you desire. Literally whatever!

This must be one such area when developers were creating the map of Fortnite season 6, they did not understand how much effect this would have on the game. 

However, because it is widely known to have all the mechanical parts in the game, this could be contested often. So, when contested you want to make sure to drop on top of the house. 

You can also drop by the gas station nearby and walk your way to this area. Even when it will be looted, if that is just one person, they can’t have all the mechanical parts. 

It is best however to drop directly on the spot and fight for the loot. You can shoot at the Dummy NPC and involve him in the fight. Because he will be shooting at anyone he sees or nearby. 

He doesn’t drop a good weapon though, so it is probably better to upgrade your weapon first with him and then involve him.  

Fortnite Loot Map

Best Place to Drop in Fortnite

Best landing spots Fortnite I keep writing about all have one thing in common. And it is that they have NPCs that can help you upgrade your weapon quickly.   This spot is guarded by NPC Gutbomb who drops a purple pump if you challenge him. 

Another advantage of this area is you get max wood in literal seconds. Fortnite best landing spots all have a certain advantage to their name and this one is the wood and the fruits plus the guaranteed purple pump. 

That is got to be worth fighting over. Just be careful for he hits hard with that weapon. 

Make sure to loot everything in the area and craft your mechanical parts. 

But leaving just one car to drive to another one of the best places to drop in Fortnite. That spot is not far from where you are. 

You need to drive west 281 and go above the hills. You should see a car crash beside the tree. Drive-by it onto the hill, and right in front of that tree, there is a rock and a bunker chest. 

This bunker chest guarantees you have either a gold scar or another legendary weapon depending on RNG. In any case, starting the game with a purple pump and a legendary weapon must be broken. 

Best Place to Drop in Fortnite

Best Landing Spots Fortnite 

This is another one of the Guardian Spire Fortnite landing spots but located right above the pleasant park,  and below the stealthy stronghold. 

You should glide on top of the spire where two chests await you. If you get a shield, pop it instantaneously because again, spire assassins await you there as well.  

Fighting them drops you a purple primal. That should actually be enough for you to start rotating but wait. There is more.  Make sure to farm all the mats. You should get max stone and brick in these Fortnite best landing spots. 

Check out the house where more chests must await you.  If you like primal shotguns, you must find them in abundance in this area. However in case if you get destroyed by the spire assassin there is a campfire to the east. 

After you heal up considering you looted everything you can head over more east and fish. On the way however you find ample animal bones.  Say at least four and that is enough for you to craft your next big weapon. 

What makes it one of the best landing spots Fortnite is not that you find ample of everything. But there is the bridge where you should find a bunch of cars. And you know what that means?

Best Landing Spots Fortnite

In Sum

In this article, we have covered the 7 best landing spots Fortnite and gave you all Fortnite locations that potentially could start you off with a God-tier setup. 

Among the best places to land in Fortnite, there is the one for gathering the mechanical parts, the one for animals bones.

Xcs-web has more content for you to enjoy from the movies to the gaming category be sure to surf around. 

All the other Fortnite loot locations guarantee you start with a purple weapon.  Plus check out the Playstation Plus free games category to find out the free games of each month. 


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