Did you know how to use the 2 “E”s and the 2 “I”s of Instagram Engagement?

We’ll show you in a minute, but…

What “E”s and “I”s are actually mean?

The E+E stand for Entertain and Encourage (sometimes known as Educate), and the I+I – for Inform and Interact. Keep that in mind because you’ll be building the content around this Engagement Formula for your Instagram content. If you want to multiply your account authority in 2020, of course.

As social freaks, who loves hanging out on social, here we talk about Engaging Content first. It is the content that makes people like, share and comment naturally.

And there must be some tricks to maximize its effect!

Starting with the first E – Entertaining (aka, fun, emotional) posts tend to outperform their boring dead rivals. How you make it emotional?

  • Be yourself

Love posting fashion? Or, cooking? Or, … Whatever! Do it for yourself. People tend to react to genuine passion. They’ll follow your journey. Don’t stress out. You’ll enjoy if you are honest. See how people across the platform are having a lifetime accepting themselves as is.

Be yourself

Here’s another good example that is both inspiring and personal that is liked by hundreds around the web.

Express yourself
  • Be creative

Make your content original. Oh, yes it may take some time to spot the trend, or edit a post, but it certainly is worthwhile. Look at @art.wonder_land. Not only is their content original but there’s a WOW effect in it. It’s compelling, and magically draws the viewer in.

Be creative
  • Use the right hashtags

How you know that’s a fit? Go over a hundred of most popular hashtags on Instagram first. For your comfort it’s here, under your nose:

Universal hashtags: #caseofthemondays #selfie #picoftheday #love #instapic #instadaily #instamood #bestoftheday #nature #tbt #lifeisgood #igers #instagood #photooftheday #nofilter #swag

“Fashion spree” hashtags: #instastyle #whatiwore #ootd #currentlywearing #lookgoodfeelgood #beautydoesnthavetobepain #shoppingaddict  #outfitoftheday #styleinspo

Wine&Dine hashtags: #vegetarian #instafood #madefromscratch #omnomnom #healthyeats #vegan #goodeats #glutenfree #foodporn #homemade #organic #food #foodie #hungry

“Oh, road trips, road trips!” hashtags: #wanderlust #staycation #resortwear #tourist #traveltuesday #sun #solotravel #wanderlustwednesday #travelgram #travel  #vacation #honeymoon #sunsout #travelbug

“I bet my Pet…” hashtags: #catsofinstagram #doglife #catlife #dogsofinstagram #instapet #mansbestfriend   #dogstagram #puppylove #womansbestfriend

“Hey, Tecchy” hashtags: #innovation #mobile #apple #wearabletech #makinglifeeasier #gadgetsgalore #latesttech  #applevsandroid #VR #android #techie #ilovemygadgets

“Marry me Mary” hashtags: #shesaidyes #tyingtheknot #rusticwedding #ido #heasked #centerpieces #bohowedding #sayyestothedress #weddingstyle #loveislove #weddinghair #weddingfavors #summerwedding #fallwedding

“For a fitness freak” hashtags: #fitlife #yogafordays #trainhard #nopainnogain #workingonabetterme #feeltheburn #cardio #noexcuses #fitfam #lookgoodfeelgood

“Holly-days” hashtags: #newyearsresolution #valentineformyvalentine #holidaycrazy #underthetree #newyearseve #spookyhalloween #stockingstuffers #happyhalloween #hanukkahgift #holidayspirit #happyfourth #kwanza #christmasdecor #thanksgivingtable #turkeyorham

Don’t forget to create your branded hashtag, though!

Granted, something like #littleJo, or #FairyMary would take your Instagram persona onto a new level.

  • Explore Instagram 360°
Explore Instagram 360°

No, that’s not a new feature that you missed out on. The whole spectrum of Instagram posts matters. And, that’s just how we put it. 360°.

Mash up your videos in a cool Instagram Story, go Instagram Live, or pick IGTV. Confused?

Don’t be!

Go Live whenever you feel your engagement is a bit less that you think it should. The Instagram Live option is actually a feature within the Instagram Story that shows your target audience when you go Live. Your fans will also get notified.

Because the stories are shown at the top of your Instagram feed, it’s thrice as likely that so much desired audience would see your broadcast as it has a Live icon on it. Hence, the more views appear, the more potential fans are gained, and the bigger your Instagram reach is.

What for people use Instagram Live? Mostly, it is used to make a brand announcement, or anyway something important to both you and your audience (!), and hey, do not forget to give them a sneak peek into “behind the scenes” process.

By nurturing the relations with your fans you’ll gain more likes, shares, and comments, which will ultimately lead to your account climbing the algorithm and scaling up day-by-day.

A quick tip: switching between camera views is just awesome!

IGTV, on the other hand, much like YouTube, allows to broadcast videos much longer than Instagram Stories (up to striking 60 minutes). But, there’s a But. To be allowed to create such long shoots you need to be one of the lucky few, verified and popular creators.

Simply put, IGTV is like an international community where you belong from the very first days of your presence there. You automatically get connected with people who use the IGTV. Yes, you’ve heard it right, automatically.

That creates a million opportunities for you to watch what’s on the others’ “watch-plate” at the moment. The experience is as if you are flipping channels of your TV with no ads.


The next E in the raw is for Encouraging content.

Motivational quotes, powerful life lessons, and inspiring images. Just everything that gets you up and running on your rainy day.

Motivational quotes, powerful life lessons, and inspiring images. Just everything that gets you up and running on your rainy day.

Don’t be overwhelmed, that’s not a grand nomination day! Know how to keep the balance of yours and others content. Commenting and sharing counts.

Saw a cute shoot that speaks to you? Give it a go – let fans take a look.

Encouraging content gets a minimum of 40% more shares, comments and tags against the typical post. So, keep building the bounds through cheer and drive.

Look at this guy, @doctor.mike. He’s managed to keep the perfect balance of authoritative and inherently easygoing attitude that tunes his fans in.

Look at this guy, @doctor.mike. He’s managed to keep the perfect balance of authoritative and inherently easygoing attitude that tunes his fans in


The “I” in the Instagram pro formula is to Inform.

Tell me, although not me, but yourself – what is your expertise? What is your passion?

What clicks most inside your mind? Is it a natural disaster? A break up? Or a profession, if you are lucky to have one of your life?

Hey You - Why haven't you seen a doctor for your physical yet?

To help you better understand what you can inform your audience about, here are the questions you can ask yourself:

  • What have you seen on TV, in the newspaper, a journal or a magazine that moved you deeply? If you are on Instagram, or any other social platform daily, then, think of task within a day frame, or so.
  • What secrets do you know in your niche that others don’t?
  • Are you the person who sets the tone in fashion? A bigwig chief? Or, yoga is your mantra to talk for hours?  
  • What are your biggest regrets in life?
  • What are the things you consider your greatest achievements?
  • What is your background (culture, place of living, family and friends), and how it all together defines your identity? 
  • What are the circumstances and events that shaped you, similar to million others?
Not being customer-centric results in ...


The last of the magical four components is Interact.

Think of a platform as your dream destination to make friends. Turn the exhausting process of “how to be famous” into a mile better of “let’s team up” fun. You’ll feel way better.

See, you are in the right state of mind.

Still there’s a bit of work to it. Here’s what to do over the next couple of weeks. Try them all to see engagement boost.

Ask a question in your caption like @kayla_itsines does.
  • Ask your fans to tag a friend, or someone they know if your message speaks to them
Ask your fans to tag a friend

  • Take time to respond to your fans. Comment on the most “ha-ha” (or not so) kind of comments
Take time to respond to your fans.

  • #follow4follow and beyond. Learn more about your fans, who they are? Why they follow you? What you both have in common?
#follow4follow and beyond
  • Get creative but stay niche focused to appeal to your audience
Get creative but stay niche focused
  • Take the top posts your audience liked most and create a colorful wall
Take the top posts your audience liked most and create a colorful wall
  • Run and join your own challenges. It’s so much fun!
Run and join your own challenges.
Turn ON fill-in-the-blank MODE like @shahdaisy
  • Use emojis YOUR way
Use emojis YOUR way
  • Really Chat with Fans. It fosters relations and boosts engagement far and above

Time for you. What are your tricks? Do you know something we missed?

If you want more Instagram hacks, comment in the box. We’ll pile up the Q&A of Instagram’s hot topics from our subscribers each month to let you nail your Instagram quest. So, tune in.

Adam Lopez
Adam Lopezhttps://feedpixel.com/
Digital marketer and the CEO of FeedPixel, contributor


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